Biggest Boobs Around the World

Chelsea Charms - Saint Paul Minnesota , ZZZ

chelsea charms 2.jpg

Chelsea Charms is an internet model and erotic dancer. In 2000, Chelsea received what is known as polypropylene string implants. This breast enlargement method causes the breasts to be irritated so that they swell up with fluid, growing the breast. Since then for safety reasons the method has been outlawed making Chelsea one of the few women with them. Her breasts grew from 2500cc to 21,000cc as of December 2014 Her cup size is ZZZ


Beshine - Germany, 27z


Also known as Mayra Hills, Beshine is 35 years old from Hamburg Germany.  She is a German Glamour model advertised as having “The Worlds Biggest Boobs”. While the average breast enlargement surgery is 200-400cc, Beshine has 10,000cc in each breast, Each weighing roughly 20 pounds. Her cup size is a 27Z.


Haruhi Miwako - Netherlands,  38 T (natural) 

Haruhi Miwako.jpg

Harihi Miwako is from Amersterdam and is an Instagram model as well as a IT worker. Her breasts are 100% natural.  She has a rare condition call macromastia which causes her breasts to keep growing. Her cup size is 38T.  She has to wear two custom bras to keep them in an upright position. 


Lacey Wildd - QQQ


Lacey Wildd is 50 years old from Nebo West Virginia and the mother of six children. She became famous when she starred on MTV realty tv series True Life in 2011.  She is also a glamour model and B-movie actress. She has had 13 breast augmentation surgeries and has spent over 300,000 dollars doing so. Her boobs even glow in the dark. Each breast weighs 21.7 pounds. Her cup size is QQQ In 2016 she became a professional psychic under the name “GhostBusty”. 


Kristy Love - Atlanta, Georgia. 48NN’s (natural)

kristy Love.jpg

Kristy Love is 49 years old from Atlanta, Georgia. She works as a BBW adult model and a certified masseuse, in which she uses her breasts. Her boobs are natural and weigh 15.6 pounds each. Her cup size is 48NN. NN is the same as O if you prefer. 


Sabrina Sabrok - Argentina, NN 

Sabrina Sabrok.jpg

Sabrina Sabrok is a punk rock singer, model, tv personality and porn star from Argentina. She is a sex icon in Latin America. She once opened for Marlyn Manson. Her cup size in NN. 


Annie Hawkins - USA - 52L (natural). 

Annie Hawkins.jpg

Annie Hawkins is an adult model and entrepreneur from Atlanta Georgia.  She holds the Guinness  World Record for the largest natural breasts in the world. Her cup size is 102ZZZ and total breast weight is 89 pounds.