Top Ten College Movies


#10) Monster’s University 

monsters university.jpg

If you haven’t seen Pixar’s Monster’s University I highly recommended it. It’s the prequel to original smash hit, Monster’s Inc. Where we find out how Mike and Sulley (movie’s most lovable monsters) met. Spoiler alert, it’s in college at the prestigious Monster’s University, where the best “scarers” are trained. However, at the end of their first semester they both get kicked out of the scare program by the Dean of the University. To get back in they wager the Dean that if they win the University's annual “scare games” (scare competition between all the Fraternities) then they must be accepted back into the scare program.  But, if they lose then they are expelled for good. It’s an awesome adventure comedy about friendship, forgiveness and teamwork. Don’t knock it just because it’s a kid’s movie, adults love it too. 


#9) Legally Blonde

legally blonde 2.jpg

Reese Witherspoon stars as Elle Woods, a popular, pretty, sorority queen in the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde.  After Elle is dumped by her pretentious boyfriend who is leaving for Harvard, she decides to follow him there and try to get into it’s world renown law program. This is a fish out of water story about a girl more interested in her looks than books. But she has great people skills and is a lot smarter than you would think. This is a great movie to watch with your significant other on a Saturday night when you just want to stay in. Guys, it has some romance in it but don’t let that turn you off, it’s definitely not an Oscar winner but it is a entertaining film. 


8) Accepted 


Starring Justin Long and Jonah Hill (one of his first major roles), Accepted is a film about a high school slacker named Bartleby, who can’t get into a college so he makes his own. First, he just forges a letter from a fake school, South Harmon Institute of Technology (S.H.I.T.) to get his parents off his back. To make the letter seem more legitimate he has his tech savvy friend make a website for the made up college. Soon after Bartleby receives many checks in the mail for tuition because his website was automatically accepting anyone that enrolled. Seeing that all the people that enrolled are rejects like him, he decides to buy a abandoned property and create a college where the students make the curriculum. This movie is a comedy with a very good subplot around Jonah Hill’s character, and we get the first reveal of his acting range, as he would go on to win an Oscar in 2012. 

social network 1.jpg

7) The Social Network 

The Social Network is supposedly based on true events surrounding the founding of one the most used websites in the world, and it’s controversial creator Mark Zuckerberg. I’m of course talking about Facebook or what it was originally called “The Facebook”. Written by Aaron Sorkin (who won a Academy award for The Social Network for Best Adapted Screenplay), the film chronicles the conception of the idea for the website at Harvard University, it’s first days online, it’s boom in popularity, and a couple of major lawsuits too. If you never heard of the Winklevoss twins before then you should definitely see this movie. It’s worth knowing more about the website that forever changed the way humans socially interact with each other. 


6) Road Trip

road trip.jpg

Directed by Todd Philips, (who later did the Hangover series) Road Trip is about four college misfits who take a long road trip to retrieve a sex tape that accidentally got sent to a girlfriend before she sees it.  It’s a silly raunchy comedy, great for watching with your boys having a couple of brews.  

revenge of the nerds.jpg

5) Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds is a cult classic sex comedy that came out in 1984. It’s about a group of nerds at the fictional Adam’s College who form their own fraternity after being rejected by all the others. To stop the incessant bullying from the jock fraternity the nerds vow to win the Greek games during Homecoming week. The plot is similar to Monsters University but this is NOT a kid’s movie.  With partying, binge drinking, drug use, nudity and sex being prevalent throughout the plot, this film isn’t exactly considered “family friendly”. 


4) National Lampoon’s Van Wilder 

Van wilder.jpg

Starring the hilarious Ryan Reynolds (DeadPool), Van Wilder is about a seventh year college senior who is way more interested in partying than going to class. However, his father has had enough of his antics and completely cuts off his finances. Having no way to pay for his tuition, Van Wilder gets hired to throw parties for the less popular Greek houses on campus. Intrigued by this, Gwen Pearson, a journalism major, writes a story about Van Wilder’s campus lifestyle. The two begin to form a love interest. Seeing a bond growing between them, Richard “Dick” Bagg (Gwen’s douchebag boy friend) tries to sabotage their relationship. If you’re a fan of Ryan Reynolds (who isn’t?) this film will not disappoint. 

3) Rudy

Rudy is a true story about Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger, who has dreams about playing football for Notre Dame despite having the money, talent or size to do it. It is an inspiring film about hard work and never giving up on your dreams. Starring Sean Astin, Rudy has been ranked as one of the best sports movies of all time. This isn’t a raunchy comedy but it’s an awesome drama that every college student should watch. 

Old School.jpg

2)  Old School

Old School is about an attorney named Mitch Martin, who breaks up with his girlfriend for hosting an orgy while he was away on a business trip. Mitch then buys a house on the local college campus in his town. Mitch and his friend Bernard, who is bored of his married life,  decide to throw a huge house warming party and invite all the students. After the party is a huge success, the Dean of the college (who Mitch and his friends use to bully as kids) tells Mitch he must move out because the house is exclusively for campus living only. To stay, Mitch and his friends turn the house into a legitimate frat house. With an awesome cast that consists of Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson and Jeremy Piven, Old School has become a cult comedy classic. It’s a fun film with outrageous hazing scenes, K&Y wrestling, and Will Ferrell’s bare ass in a streaking scene. 

1) Animal House

Animal House.jpg

Animal House is about the misadventures of Delta Tau Chi, the fraternity of losers, misfits, and trouble makers at Faber College. With a rival fraternity president and the Dean of the college plotting their expulsion, the men of Delta Tau Chi continue to throw huge parties, pull pranks (resulting in a dead horse) and not get any school work done. Starring the iconic John Belushi, this movie is not for the easily offended. If you use the term “trigger warning” unironically then do not watch this movie. Animal House mainstreamed the “gross out” film genre which comprises of toilet humor, nudity, and offensive material.  The “gross out” film genre would later include films like American Pie, The Hangover, and Jack Ass.