5 Funny Looking Exercises You Need In Your Workout

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Zercher Squat

The Zercher Squat is a great compound exercise, meaning that it workouts more than one muscle group. It’s just like the front squat but you hold the bar in the crook of your elbows. It works your back, core, legs and even your biceps.

It’s a good exercise to do because it increases the activation of your glutes and quads. Since you have to support the weight of the bar with a lot of your upper body as well, you’ll get bigger traps and biceps. See there is a way to work out your biceps on leg day! Not to mention it’s also a killer ab workout too so you’ll look shredded for the ladies… or guys… or whatever you’re in to.

**Disclaimer** This is an advanced move so attempt at own risk.


Pull Throughs

To do Pull Throughs you’ll have to go to a gym unless you have a cable machine at home. Stand with your back facing the cables and grab the bottom pulley handle through your legs. Stand with your feet wide apart and pull the cable using your arms and hips. Keep your arms straight and really push with your hips. When you’re standing up straight that’s when your done, you don’t want to go any further. Do not pull upwards towards your shoulders because the cable will go up right into your nuts. This exercise is to work out your back and butt so the next time you’re standing in front of a cute girl in line at the store she’ll for sure notice dat ass… and good posture too.


Supine Lateral Ball Roll

The Supine Lateral Ball Roll or SLBR for short is definitely a weird looking exercise but totally worth it. First get an exercise ball then place it in the middle of the room. Now lay your upper back on the ball and support yourself with your legs until your back is parallel with the ground. Spread your arms as far as they will go. If you have a broom handle hold it so your arms remain straight. Now roll from side to side and keep your back flat. Your body will want to twist but don’t let it. This exercise literally triggers all the muscles in your core and the muscles around your spine. This is a fast way to look good without a shirt and it’s relatively easy to do. Spring break will be here soon so get on it.


Alligator Drags 

Alligator Drags are probably the weirdest looking exercise on this list. To do them you’ll need to find a big room where you can crawl like 10-15 yards.. You’ll also need something that can easily slide on the surface of the floor. If you’re on a wooden or tile floor use a towel, if you’re on carpet use a paper or plastic plate.

First get into pushup position and place your feet on top of the towel or plate. Then walk 10-15 yards using your arms while dragging your legs. Take a short rest, then do the same thing but walk yourself backwards to your starting point for one set. Keep your back straight at all times. This exercise will trigger your entire core because you are stabilizing your body as you move. It’s also a good workout for your shoulders to. This is a great exercise because it’ll help you build up the strength to last longer in the sack. I’m just saying you won’t get tired as easily, not how long you can actually last.


Barbell Hip Thrusts

Barbell Hip Thrusts is a great exercise to add to your regiment. To do them you’ll need a bench and a bar and appropriate weight. Lie with you upper back supported by the bench with your feet directly in front of you. Hold the bar across your hips and lower your butt so it almost hits the floor. Push back up to your starting position. This exercise workouts your gluten, hamstrings, lower back and core.

Barbell Hip Thrusts are certainly a funny looking exercise. You’re basically humping the air with weight. It’s a pretty sexual exercise so don’t make any eye contact with anyone at the gym… unless your looking for that special someone.

Peter O'Melia