7 OG Viral Videos

Dick In a box

Dick in a Box originally aired on Saturday Night Live in December 2006. It is the music video of the debut single by the comedy troupe The Lonely Island. It features Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake as they sing to their girlfriends on Christmas and give them the gift of… their dick in a box. It all started when Andy Samberg wanted to write a funny song that would showcase Justin’s awesome voice. They recorded the song in just one night and the next day they shot the music video. When it was shown on live TV the word “dick” was bleeped 16 times. Soon after that, the uncensored version that was released on Youtube went on to become viral and a classic comedy song.

Numa Numa 

Numa Numa is a video of a man sitting in front of his web cam lip-syncing and dancing to the hit song at the time “Dragostea Din Tei” performed by O-Zone. It was released in 2004 on the website newgrounds.com. In just 3 months the video was watched 160 million times and by 2006 it was estimated to have been watched over 700 million times (all across the internet). The man in the video is Gary Brolsma. He appeared on many late night and morning shows at the height of his popularity. The Numa Numa video was ranked #1 on VH1’s Top 40 Internet Superstars.


Shoes is the music video for comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan’s debut comedy song by the same name. It’s about a stereotypical American girl “Kelly”, as she sings about her love for shoes and shopping for them. The video was uploaded to YouTube in August 2006 and was also available for digital download on iTunes. It quickly became viral and had some success in the downloads as well. An edited version was also released on radio. The song kickstarted Sullivan’s career and he performed it several times before a live audience. The song won the People’s Choice Award in 2008 for “Best User Generated Video”.

Badger, Badger, Badger 

Badger, badger, badger or just simply Badgers, is a Flash cartoon made in 2003 by British animator Jonathan Picking who goes by the name Weebl. It’s a very weird video of a continuous loop of Badgers dancing, mushrooms, and a snake slithering across the screen. The popularity of the video helped Weebl get a web series produced and his website received a People’s Choice Award. Badgers was ranked as one of the top five internet fads of all time by PC World in 2009. Several parodies have been made of the video, one of the most popular being called Potter, potter, potter about Harry Potter and Severus Snape. 

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time

It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time is a Flash animation of a banana dancing to the song “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” by The Buckwheat Boyz. It was created by Kevin Flynn and Ryan Gancenia Etrata in 2002 and posted onto Offtopic forums. The video was reposted to other Flash cartoon websites spawning many parodies, remixes and renditions. It’s popularity took off when it was shown on the NBC sitcom Ed in it’s third season. It made it on TV again in 2005 on the show Family Guy where the dog character Brian in the show dances in a banana suit to the same song. 

Leave Britney Alone

Leave Britney Alone is a viral video of Youtube Personality Chris Crocker crying and pleading with critics of Britney Spears to leave her alone after her comeback performance at the 2007 MTV Music Awards. The video was viewed 2 million times on YouTube in just two hours and 43 million times as of March 2012. Crocker has since deleted his YouTube account but copies of the video can still be seen. 

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday is a music video and single from the comedy troupe The Lonely Island. It went viral overnight after it was bootlegged and put on YouTube the next day after it was broadcasted on Saturday Night Live. The video stars comedians and Saturday Night Live performers Adam Samberg and Chris Parnell. The video is about two friends hanging out on Sunday, buying snacks at the convenience store, eating cupcakes and watching The Chronicles of Narnia.

Peter O'Melia