Top 50 Party Schools in 2019

Higher education… the foundation of every society. Without it we’d be just like the animals. Rolling in dirt, sniffing each others butts and whatever else animals tend to do. That’s why we must cherish what colleges bring to the world; ideas for a better tomorrow, technology that will end world hunger and above all… the parties. Having been to many colleges in this great country, The Daily Dropout decided to put a list together of our predictions for the top 50 Party Schools of 2019. 

1. Tulane University.jpg

#1 Tulane University, New Orleans Louisiana

2. Uhniversity of Georgia.jpg

#2 University of Georgia, Athens Georgia

3. West Virginia.jpg

#3 West Virginia University, Morgantown West Virginia 

4. Florida state University.jpg

#4 Florida State University, Tallahassee Florida

5. University of Iowa.jpg

#5 University of Iowa, Iowa City Iowa 

6. University of Wisconsin.jpg

#6 University of Wisconsin, Madison Wisconsin

7. University of Texas.jpg

#7 University of Texas, Austin Texas

8. Penn State.jpg

#8 Penn State, University Park Pennsylvania

9. University of Alabama.jpg

#9 University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa Alabama 

10. indiana bloomington.jpg

#10 Indiana University Bloomington, Bloomington Indiana 

11. Illinois Urbana.jpg

#11 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign Illinois 

12. Boulder.jpg

#12  University of Colorado - Boulder Colorado

13. akron.jpg

#13 Ohio University, Athens Ohio 

14. ASU .jpg

#14 Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona

15. University of Florida.jpg

#15 University of Florida, Gainesville Florida

16. LSU.jpg

#16 Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Louisiana

17. ole miss.jpg

#17 University of Mississippi,  University Mississippi

18. San diego.jpg

#18 San Diego State University, San Diego California

19. Kansas University.jpg

#19 University of Kansas, Lawrence Kansas

20. Southern Methodist University.jpg

#20 Southern Methodist University, Dallas Texas

21. Michigan State University.jpg

#21 Michigan State University, East Lansing Michigan

22. Univeristy of Miami.jpg

#22 University of Miami, Coral Gables Florida

23. University of Michigan.jpg

#23 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Michigan

24. ohio state.jpg

#24 Ohio State University, Columbus Ohio

25. Miami University .jpg

#25 Miami University, Oxford Ohio 

26. Viriginia.jpg

#26 University of Virginia, Charlottesville Virginia 

27. U Penn.jpg

#27 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

28. syracuse.jpg

#28 Syracuse University, Syracuse New York

29. Vanderbilt.jpg

#29 Vanderbilt University, Nashville Tennessee 

30. University of South Carolina.jpg

#30 University of South Carolina, Columbia South Carolina

31. Kansas state.jpg

#31 Kanas State University, Manhattan Kansas 

32. USC.jpg

#32 University of Southern California, Los Angeles California

33. Mizzou.jpg

#33 University of Missouri, Columbia Missouri 

34. Arkansas.jpg

#34 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Arkansas

35. Delaware.jpg

#35 University of Delaware, Newark Delaware

36. Santa Barbara.jpg

#36 University of California - Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara California

37. Leigh Uniiversity.jpg

#37 Lehigh University, Bethlehem Pennsylvania

38 Maryland.png

#38 University of Maryland, College Park Maryland

39. Howard University.jpg

#39 Howard University, Washington DC

40. Texas State.jpg

#40 Texas State University, San Marcos Texas 

41 Tennesee.jpg

#41 University of Tennessee, Knoxville Tennessee

42. Texas A&M.jpg

#42 Texas A&M, College Station Texas 

43 Dartmouth.jpg

#43 Dartmouth, Hanover New Hampshire

44. Notre Dame.jpg

#44 Notre Dame, Notre Dame Indiana 

45. Las Vegas.jpg

#45 University of Nevada, Las Vegas 

46. purdue.jpg

#46 Purdue University, West Layfayette Indiana 

47. Loyola.jpg

#47 Loyola University New Orleans

48. rutgers.jpg

#48 Rutgers, New Brunswick New Jersey 

49. Hawaii.jpg

#49 University of Hawaii at Hilo 

50 Boston.jpg

#50 Boston College, Chestnut Hill Massachusetts