Funniest Moments From the TV show Cops


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Lady calls the Cops because her drug dealer cheated her

There are many reasons to call the police. Some examples could be; you have just been mugged, your house has been broken into, someone is harassing you, or you just don’t feel safe. There are many more reasons but you get the idea. The police are there to help protect and serve the community and to punish those who break the law. You shouldn’t call the cops when you yourself have broken the law. That’s what is going on in this clip from Cops, the reality TV show. A lady who was in a bad neighborhood doing bad things phoned the police when her drug dealer, or who she thought was a drug dealer, cheated her. It’s pretty hilarious when criminals rat on themselves, also the ending has a great twist to it. 


Man attempts to break his handcuffs

On February 17, 2007, Cops aired the episode called “Tough Takedowns Special Edition.” In this episode the clip with a man named David with dwarfism went viral online. The incident took place in Las Vegas where David had been arrested before by Officer Evan Rosenthal for soliciting people for money. A week later, Officer Rosenthal spotted David, who was intoxicated, waving cars down. Officer Rosenthal thought that he might have been asking people for money again so he went to check it out. He ended up putting the belligerent David in handcuffs. The restrained David then muttered the internet famous line “I can break these cuffs.” He attempted to breakout of his handcuffs (like he promised) and screamed as he exerted his energy. The clip of him trying to do so got put on the internet and it became an instant meme. About a dozen different parody videos and songs have been made of David trying to break his cuffs. It’s now a classic Cops episode. 


Drunk dude crashes into cop car

The police officers on the docu-series tv show Cops have to deal with a lot of drunk people. In fact, if I had to guess probably 40% of the whole show is the police dealing with people super drunk or intoxicated on something. We all know that when we get a little tipsy or a lot tipsy we’re not making the best decisions. The more wasted you get the more likely you might make a terrible decision. That’s why there’s that message on every beer bottle that reads “please drink responsibly.” And drinking and driving is not a responsible adult thing to do. Nowadays, there’s absolutely no excuse for it because there’s Uber and Lyft. But not everybody is responsible, especially this guy in this Cops clip. There’s nothing funny about drunk driving but this guy’s reaction to the whole situation is pretty hilarious. 


“Loneliest Man in Las Vegas”

Las Vegas is a one of a kind city in the world to say the least. It’s a city where you can let loose and no one will judge you. It also attracts the crazies from around the country so the Police in Las Vegas definitely have their hands full, all the time. It probably comes with no surprise that a lot of the funniest moments from Cops take place in Vegas. This clip is of a drunk man who was stumbling along the strip with some stolen women’s clothes. When asked why he has the clothes he replies that he likes to wear women’s underwear. This is just one of many hilarious replies this man has to the cops. 


Bikini Girl gets pulled over

It’s no secret that sometimes when girls cry they can get out of getting a ticket from a police officer. Sometimes though they cannot. In this clip, a woman in a bikini gets pulled over with her friend who is also only wearing a bikini. Sort of odd but it takes place in Vegas so that explains it. The lady has no license or proof of insurance, she tries to sway the cops decision with a couple of tears. When that doesn’t work she gives the excuse that he car cannot be towed because she is getting a boob job in the next few days. Watch the clip and find out if that convinces the cop. 


Caught peeing on the strip

We’ve all been in the situation of being drunk and also having to pee really badly but there isn’t a bathroom around. Many of us have found a corner somewhere to relieve ourselves in public even though it isn’t exactly legal. But when you're drunk and in a rush your moral principals can get a little muddled. Luckily for guys we can be especially incognito since we pee standing up and if someone walks by we can just pinch it off, zip up our pants really quick and act like nothing is happening. It’s a bit harder for girls because of their situation down there. In this funny clip from Cops, a lady and her friend are caught red handed peeing in public. They weren’t exactly trying to hide it though. 


Don’t call me Papi

Taking drugs does not make you cool. And taking drugs in public where a cop can catch you makes you stupid. In this clip from Cops some dude is smoking bud just minding his own business until a cop smells the weed and arrests him. Maybe if you’re gonna smoke, do it in the privacy of your own home where there are no cops around. But I guess this guy couldn’t wait. The funniest part of this clip is what the guy who is getting arrested keeps calling the cop. The cop gets annoyed and tells him to stop but the guy is so shook he doesn’t really understand what’s happening. The whole situation makes a very funny moment on the show. 


Battery by Bodily Waste

If any part of you makes impact with an officer of the law in an offensive way you’re getting charged with what’s known as battery. This could be punching a cop, spitting at a cop or even if your feces somehow get on a cop. That’s exactly what happened in this next clip on Cops. A man so intoxicated, 3 times the legal limit, has a bout of explosive diarrhea at the wrong time. It gets everywhere, even on the officer’s shoes. It’s really nasty but pretty funny at the same time. 


“Helicopter Jim”

This next clip is a compilation of hilarious situations on Cops. All involving not very smart people. There’s the clip where a woman driving a stolen vehicle shows the officer the drivers license of the guy she stole the car from thinking that would be okay. She also denied that the crack pipe in her purse was hers. Then there’s the guy who got arrested because the cops watched him buy drugs and he swears he was just working with the DEA to find out where they were selling the drugs. There’s a lot more funny clips in the video. The best one is of this old guy named Jim who gets arrested for stabbing someone. His quick wit towards the Cops’ questions are hilarious, he should be writing funny dialog for films. They ask him to stand up while he’s handcuffed and he replies “what do I look like a helicopter?, something that can hover in mid air?” The funniest part is when they ask him what drugs he’s on and his answer is priceless.