True Stories of Ridiculous Reasons People Got Arrested




Arrested for taking her Daughter’s phone

mom takes phone away.jpg

A mother of two from Michigan named Jodie May disciplined her daughter, who had gotten in trouble at school, by taking her iPhone 6 away. When her ex-husband found out about it he called the police and reported the smart phone stolen and claimed he was the owner of the phone. A few weeks later, Jodie was nursing her newborn baby when police officers showed up to her house to arrest her. She pleaded with them to let her turn herself in that Monday (it was the weekend) because she had to deal with her new born. The police denied her request, took her to the station, booked her and she was out on bail for $200 two hours later. The case got all the way to trial where Jodie proved that her ex-husband gave her daughter the smart phone as a Christmas gift, so it was in her right as a mother to take it away. The Ottawa County prosecutor dismissed the hearing and Jodie got to leave with a clean record. Jodie was not happy she had to waste so much of her time on such a stupid thing. She claimed that she told the prosecutor that the smart phone was a gift but the prosecutor said that information was never relayed to him. 


Arrested for taking a Spider hostage


A 26 year old Kanas man named Bryan Paul Smith was sentenced to four and a half years after he was arrested for taking his friend’s pet spider hostage. Bryan had agreed to take his friend’s spider to look after it while his friend was away but when his friend wanted his spider back Bryan demanded money for it. He told his friend that he wanted $100 for the spider return or he would shoot his friend. Naturally, his friend called the police after this threat and they raided Bryan’s house. There they arrested Bryan and his friend Justin Wilder because they found drug paraphernalia. Justin and Bryan also plead guilty to a string of car burglaries earlier that year, shoplifting and also stealing a dog. The police also found a fourteen year kid hiding in the closet during the raid so Bryan got in trouble for that too. When it was all said and done Bryan got 10 charges;  1 count of possession of drug paraphernalia, 1 count of contributing to a child’s misconduct, 3 counts of burglary and 5 counts of drug paraphernalia. He could have avoided all of this by just getting his own spider at PetSmart. 


Arrested for reading cheating wife’s Emails

man looks at computer_goog.jpg

In 2009, a man named Leon Walker suspected his wife of cheating so he checked her emails on their shared laptop. Her emails did reveal to him that his wife, named Clair, was in fact being unfaithful. She had been married two times before him and Clair was cheating on him with her second husband. This worried Leon because the second husband was physically abusive and was once arrested for beating up Clair in front of her son, with whom she had with her first husband. Leon then sent the emails to Clair’s first husband and told him he should probably file for full custody because Clair was back with this jerk. When Clair found out that Leon had read her emails she called the police and had him arrested. Leon faced a felony charge and up to five years in jail if he was found guilty under a Michigan statute that prohibits unlawful access to a computer system, program or network. During the trial, Clair claimed Leon hacked into her emails saying he knew how to do so because he was a computer technician. Leon claimed Clair left her email password written down on a piece of paper in the house and that he was worried she was taking their daughter over to her violent 2nd husband’s house. Leon’s attorney argued that Leon was not guilty of any crime because that specific statute only applied to identity theft and trade secret incidences. Thank goodness the judge sided with Leon on this one. 


Arrested for attacking BF over bad sex

bedroom problems.jpg

In November 2012, a 24 year old woman named Raquel Gonzalez was arrested and jailed for a night after she attacked her boyfriend. It happened one afternoon right after the two had sex. Raquel got angry because her boyfriend, Esric, climaxed before she did. Esric said as soon as he finished she attacked him and scratched up his eyes and nose. He said she was known to fly off the handle at a moment’s notice. Raquel was not cooperative when the police showed up so they arrested her and kept her in jail overnight. Police said she had been drinking. Guys, that’s why you don’t date crazy. 


Arrested for calling 911 to complain

Tonya Ann Fowler mugshot.jpg

The police don’t play around when it comes to wasting a 911 operator’s time. Most of us as kids have innocently dialed 911 as a prank call and have gotten in big trouble. Usually, Police officers show up to the house and our parents find out what we did, ending in a stern talking to from the officers and a spanking by our parents. Most of us learn a lesson and never do it again. Most of us that is. 

Tonya Ann Fowler, a 45 year old woman from Georgia dialed 911 one day. Not to report an emergency but to report she was not pleased with how her mugshot from a previous arrest turned out. The 911 operator told Tonya that calling 911 to complain was completely inappropriate. Tonya then hung up the call. Later that day, Tonya called 911 again to complain that her friends who were letting her stay at their place had kicked her out and she needed a place to store her sleeping bags. The police went and arrested her for disorderly conduct and misusing 911. She got a second chance to correct her mugshot


Arrested for farting in someone’s face

fart in somone's face.jpg

A police detective named Lawrence Michael Jonap was arrested in 2014 for assault by causing bodily injury. It all started when Jonap was bullying his co-worker, police dispatcher, Donald Varner. It one instance Jonap kicked Varner and laughed as he did it. Varner reported what happened to his superiors but that didn’t stop Jonap. The next instance Jonap hit Varner in the head with a notebook, flicked his ear and farted in his face. Jonap was then arrested and charged for assault with injury, which is a class A misdemeanor that could have a jail sentence up to 1 year and a fine of $4,000. Now, if you’re wondering if a fart should technically be considered an assault the general rule is if it is an attempt or threat to injure another person then it’s an assault. A battery is when someone actually makes contact with someone else. So some farts are considered batteries if they make contact and are meant to be offensive. A similar example is blowing cigarette smoke in someone’s face. If you mean to be offensive then you could be arrested for battery. So think twice before farting on someone. You could end up in jail. 


Arrested for being an Idiot


mugshot of Nicholas Wig

One day, small time criminal Nicholas Wig thought it would be a good idea to go break and enter into someone’s house. So, that’s what he did. He got inside a house, ransacked the place, stole cash and credit cards then decided check his Facebook before he left on the owners computer. When James Wood got home later that day he found his place a total mess and was missing cash and credit cards. However, he did find a pair of jeans, a belt and sneakers that wasn’t his though. When he checked his computer he saw Nick’s facebook profile picture on the screen. James then posted a picture of Nick’s profile picture along with his phone number and wrote that Nick was a thief and that if anyone knew him they should call him back. James thought it was a long shot someone would actually contact him but he was wrong. It was actually Nick who texted him saying that was his picture. James told Nick that he left his clothes and he should come back to get them. Nick, being the smart guy that he is, showed up at James’ house to get his stuff. James called the police beforehand and they were there waiting for Nick to show up. Turns out that Nick had a prior burglary charge and drug charges pending (shocking, I know) so he was facing up to ten year in prison for what he did.