Craziest Jackass Moments

“Runaway Casket”

Out of all the Jackass pranksters, Johnny Knoxville is king. When it comes to messing with innocent people on the street no one is better and “Runaway Casket” is definitely among his best work. In Episode 7 of the 1st season in the Jackass TV show, Knoxville drives a hearse through the city and whenever he stops to unlock the back door a casket falls out with a “dead” body inside. Bystanders and onlookers will probably never get that image out of their heads.

“Riot Control Test”

“Riot Control Test” has got to be one of the most painful things the Jackass crew put themselves through. The concept is simple, stand in front out an riot control weapon that shoots thousands of rubber bullets and get absolutely annihilated. So the next time you’re thinking about starting a riot, maybe you should think twice.

“Poo Cocktail Supreme”

“Poo Cocktail Supreme” is hands down the nastiest stunt in all of Jackass. Originally the stunt was to throw a Porta Potty off a bridge with Steve-O inside but they decided to go in a different direction. Instead Steve-O gets strapped into a full Porta Potty attached to two bungee ropes that are mounted to two cranes. Steve-O doesn’t like roller coasters so he got nominated for the job. They could not use human feces due to health reasons so instead the toilet was packed full of dog and horse sh**. Multiple people on the film set throw up it was so gross.

DISCLAIMER: There is animal poop and puking in this video. This clip is not for people with a weak stomach.

“Pin the Tail On the Donkey”

Inspired by the old kids game played at birthday parties, “Pin the Tail On the Donkey” is exactly as it sounds, except the Jackass crew actually play with an real donkey. “Danger Ehren” really stepped up to the plate with this stunt, getting kicked in the balls by a donkey.

DISCLAIMER: There is man butt in this video.

“Rent-a-Car Crash Up Derby”

Another one of Johnny Knoxville’s pranks, “Rent-a-Car Crash-Up-Derby” is freaking hilarious. He rents a car then takes it to a demolition derby. If you don’t know what that is, a demolition derby is basically adults playing “bumper cars” but with real cars. Naturally the rental place is a bit surprised when Knoxville returns them their vehicle.

“Bee Hive Limo”

Part of the charm of Jackass is that they pull really f**ked up pranks on each other. And since they’re all considered “professionals” the pranks can get a little extreme. “Bee Hive Limo” is one of those pranks. Johnny Knoxville with the help of Bam Margera traps their Jackass buddies in a limo and then toss in a pissed off bee hive through the moon roof.

“Toro Totter”

The Jackass crew has an obsession with bulls. They do numerous stunts with the terrifying creatures and usually it’s just boils down to trying not to get killed by them. In “Toro Totter” four of the crew see how long they can last on a four person teeter totter in a bull pen. When it comes to bulls and Johnny Knoxville, he just can’t get enough.

“The Fish Hook”

“The Fish Hook” is not for the squeamish. The hilarious duo of Chris Pontius and Steve-O do one of their craziest stunts involving animals. Pontius pierces a giant fish hook through Steve-O’s cheek then proceeds to fish for sharks using Steve-O as bait. Originally they had a professional body piercer put the hook in Steve-O’s cheek for safety reasons but they re-shot it, having the boys do it themselves.


“Toy Car Up the Butt”

“Toy Car Up the Butt” is the one of the top legendary comedy bits ever done in Jackass. It was what everyone was talking about after they saw the first Jackass movie; “Did you see that guy shoved a toy car up his butt!” Ryan Dunn, (Rest In Peace) lubed up and then proceeded to put a toy car up his rectum. The next day he went to a doctor pretending he didn’t know what was wrong. The doctor’s reaction is hilarious! After the stunt gained worldwide acclaim, a lawyer from Amsterdam traded a Mercedes for the infamous x-ray of Dunn’s rectum. Unfortunately the Mercedes didn’t make it past US customs because it didn’t meet America’s safety standards. The lawyer then sent Dunn another car. So in the end Ryan got two real cars for sticking a toy car where the sun don’t shine. Worth it?


Peter O'Melia