Hilarious 2000's TV Shows They Need To Bring Back

Yo Momma

Yo Momma is a reality TV/game show that aired on MTV from 2006-2007. It was created by That 70’s Show actor, Wilmer Valderrama (who played Fez). He also hosted it too. The show was about contestants who roast each other with “yo momma” jokes and insults. If their banter was well liked by the crowd then they would be voted to go to the next round. The episodes would also feature special guest stars, usually rappers.


Running from 2005-2008, Next is a dating show that aired on MTV. It ran for 6 seasons and had 288 episodes. The show was about a person who goes on blind dates with up to 5 other single people. The kicker is that at anytime they could say “next” and boot their date off the show. However, if the blind-daters (people being picked) last all throughout the time of the date, then they are awarded with money. The twist at the end of the show is that the blind-daters can choose the money OR the contestant.

Blind Date

Blind Date is a dating show that ran from 1999 to 2006. The concept was simple, get two single people and set them up together on a blind date. For added humor the show’s producers would comment on the awkwardness of the dates with subtitles, lower third graphics and animated thought bubbles. It’s super funny, the ridiculous stuff they come up with. What made this show so popular is how it takes awkward dates to a whole other level.

Parental Control

The scripted reality show Parental Control ran from 2006 to 2010 on MTV. The show is about the parents of a guy or girl who have a big problem with who their son or daughter is dating. Both parents choose one potential partner to go on a date with their kid to hopefully get them to breakup with their current boyfriend or girlfriend. While the person is on a date with someone else their parents set them up with, the parents and their significant other watch live. The draw of this show is watching the parents and the ”bad” BF or GF just absolutely tear each other apart.


ElimiDate was a reality dating show that ran from 2001-2006 for five seasons. One contestant would go on dates with four other people and then eliminate one person after each round for a total of 3 rounds. It was mostly a guy dating 4 women. In between the dates the people would go into “the confessional” and say what they were thinking to the audience. There was tons of drama in this show, garnering a large college aged audience.

The Fifth Wheel

From the same producers of Blind Date, The 5th Wheel ran from 2001-2004 for 3 seasons. The concept of the show was that two men and two women would go on a joint date. After that first date then another person (the 5th wheel), usually a provocative and or an eccentric person, would come in and join the pool of daters. The stakes are raised because now the numbers aren’t even. Now there’s some competition. The show is very similar to Blind Date, in the way they show the same commentary style through subtitles, graphics and thought bubbles.

The Cougar

The Cougar is a reality TV series about a sexy older woman (AKA The Cougar) who chooses to date a younger guy from a group of twenty men. It’s basically a rip off of The Bachelorette but it will not disappoint. Instead of the guys getting roses if they are chosen, they get a kiss on the lips. However, if they get a kiss on the cheek then they need to go home. It’s called the “Kiss-Off”. It only ran for one season back in 2009, in 8 one hour episodes.