Most Legendary Stoner Characters In Movies

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Ron Slater - Dazed and Confused

Played by Rory Cochrane, Ron Slater, or known as just Slater, is the perfect portrayal of the stereotypical, high school stoner burn out. More interested in conspiracy theories than actual theories and showing freshmen how to make bongs in wood working class, Slater is full of memorable moments every time he is on screen. Check out the clip below for his famous George Washington monologue.

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Smokey - Friday

Chris Tucker is freaking hilarious as Smokey in Friday. He’s the neighborhood weed dealer who usually smokes his whole stash himself. A good sign that a stoner character is legendary is that they are so quotable, and Smokey does not disappoint with his endless witty one liners and stories. Check out the clip below to hear Smokey tell the tale when he accidentally smoked PCP.

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Floyd - True Romance

Before Brad Pitt was Brad Pitt, he played the goofy lovable stoner named Floyd in the 1993 crime movie True Romance. His part wasn't very big but he stood out to the audience. Floyd’s character was an inspiration in the writing of Pineapple Express for Judd Apatow. He wanted to see a story where Floyd leaves the couch and gets chased by bad guys. The clip below is of Floyd, stoned out of his mind, dealing with mobsters with guns.

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Jeff Spicoli - Fast Times At Ridgemont High

Two-time Oscar winning method actor, Sean Penn played surfer stoner Jeff Spicoli in 1982 for his first break out role. Penn portrayed the Highschool bum character as an airhead, but also as a sensitive soul the audience can’t help but route for in his rebellious ways. The clip below is of Spicoli and his friend joyriding through town in a borrowed car looking for a party.

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Jay - Jay & Silent Bob

Jay from Jay and Silent Bob, is the tall, lanky, long haired, marijuana dealer who never shuts up. He spends all his time loitering in front of the Quick Stop with his mute best friend Silent Bob. Every time he speaks, which is all the time, he has something vulgar to say. He’s the loud, boisterous, foul mouth, loser that every audience member seems to know, and can’t help but like a little bit. The clip below is the origin story of how Jay and Silent Bob met.

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Kumar Patel - Harold and Kumar

Kumar Patel is the best friend and roommate of Harold Lee in the Harold and Kumar stoner movie series. Kumar use to be a shy geek, but then was introduced to weed by his college girlfriend and it let him come out of his shell to become the confident stoner we know him as. He is very intelligent, having performed a surgery when the hospital thought he was his doctor brother, but he isn’t interested in becoming who his family pressures him to be. He‘s still young and wants to have fun. He’s always on Harold’s case for being too uptight. The clip below is an example of Kumar’s genius as he smokes pot on an airplane.

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The Dude - The Big Lebowski

The Dude is one of the most legendary stoner characters ever portrayed in film because of his extremely aloof personality. He is also played by the legendary actor Jeff Bridges. Forget stoner characters, “The Dude” has got to be one of the most interesting and likable characters ever written in contemporary film. The Cohen brothers, who wrote and directed the film, thought up the concept for The Big Lebowski based on a real guy they met named Jeff Dowd. The clip below is of The Dude trying to get compensated for his rug that got peed on by debt collectors.

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Saul Silver - Pineapple Express

Played by James Franco, Saul Silver is the stupid but likable weed dealer in Pineapple Express. Having started selling weed to pay for his Grandma’s nursing home, Saul has dreams of becoming a civil engineer. He is a true hippie at heart but also has the courage to do what needs to be done, like shooting evil drug kingpins and stealing cop cars. His best attribute is that he is extremely loyal to the people he loves, like his friends and Grandma. His character is based off Brad Pitt’s portrayal of Floyd in True Romance. Below is a clip of Saul explaining how dank his new weed strain is.

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Cheech & Chong - Up in Smoke

Of course Cheech and Chong are going to go down as most legendary stoner characters in film, simply because they are playing themselves. Richard “Cheech’ Marin and Tommy Chong are iconic stand up comedians and musicians. The counter- cultural, cannabis loving duo found great success in the 70’s and 80’s and are still recognized greatly today. Their first feature film Up In Smoke is a cult classic and is what started the stoner movie genre. They are the pot pioneers in pop culture. Below is a clip of them hot-boxing the car as they drive.

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