8 Crazy Beer Related World Records


Largest Glass of Beer 

largest glass of beer.jpg

The largest glass of beer contained 457.99 gallons of beer (2,082 liters for you fancy metric users). It was full of Stod Fold Gold beer. The glass measured 7ft 4in and had a diameter of 3ft 8in. It contained 3,664 pints of beer and took 1 hour to fill. It was prepared by Angus Wood and Ed Dupuy of Stod Fold Brewing Company, in Halifax, UK.

Fastest Time Opening 2,000 beer bottles 


Yeah, you read that number right, 2,000. That’s a sh** load of bottles. It took a dude named Francois Monin only 23 minutes and 55 seconds to do it. That’s about an episode of The Office. The event took place Brighton, East Sussex on August 24, 2014. 

Largest Collection of Bar Towels 

bob begley.jpg

People collect all sorts of crap but I got to say collecting bar towels is actually pretty cool. Robert Begley, who is from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, started his collection of bar towels in 1990. He has 2,372 of them from 27 different countries. How he got them remains a mystery… Just kidding I’m sure he bought them or something. 

Most Beer Mats Flipped Then Caught

If you’re confused by the title, don’t worry because so was I. A beer mat is what British people call a coaster. I don’t know why they always have to complicate things (metric system users).  On May 9th, 2001, a brit by the name of Matt Hand (ironically enough) flipped and caught a pile of 112 beer mats stacked up on each other. It took him over four hours with 129 attempts before he broke the previous record of 111. Way to always have to “one up” people Matt…jk.

Longest Beer Bottle Slide

Jeffrey Ng Tiong Boon of Singapore slid a beer bottle 46 feet and 3.27 inches. That’s 1,410.4 cm for the rest of the world who wants to impress people with larger measurement numbers. It happened on February 21, 2013 at an event in Singapore hosted by Guinness. The rules were the bottle had to be opened before the slide, the bar top could only be .5m wide (1.6 feet) and absolutely nothing could spill.  

Largest Collection of Beer Bottles

An American named Ron Werner owns the largest collection of beer bottles. He has 25,866 different beer bottles. He started his collection when he was 14 and added on average 1,000 bottles every year. 

beer bottle collection.jpg

The Smallest Commercial Brewery in the World

The smallest commercial brewery in the world is called the Bragdy Gwynant. Located in Wales, the maximum it can brew at a time is 40.9 liters per batch. It only exclusively supplies the Tynlidiart Arms pub. You know how hipsters love tiny houses? Well maybe they’re gonna start building tiny craft breweries to go with them.

smallest breweries.jpg

Largest House Made Entirely Out Of Beer Coasters

Without using any glue, Sven Goebel built the largest house made from only beer coasters (or mats as they call them across the Atlantic). He used around 300,000 and even made furniture to go with the house. Because you got to have furniture in a house, come on! To celebrate his record he did the most bada$$ thing he could do, he destroyed it.