10 Hilarious & Awesome College Courses You Can Take


Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Disasters, Catastrophes, and Human Behavior

Michigan State University Online Course

In this online course, students will learn the many techniques and strategies of how to survive the apocalypse.

harry potter.jpg

Popular Psychology in the World of Harry Potter

 Colorado State University

For prerequisites, students must have taken General Psychology and read all seven books of the Harry Potter series.


The #selfie 

Duke University

This course covers 2 different histories; 1) the global history of portraiture in the arts 2) the modern idea of "everyday life" (i.e. the routine, the trivial, the unconscious)

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How To Watch Television

 Montclair State University

This course is about analyzing television in the ways and to the extent to which it needs to be understood by its audience. The aim is for students to critically evaluate the role and impact of television in their lives as well as in the life of the culture. 

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Dirty Pictures

Rhode Island School of Design

This class takes an in depth look at the history and art of sexy, dirty and explicit photos.

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Tree Climbing


Cornell Tree Climbing promotes safe and environmentally responsible tree climbing techniques for recreation, education, and research. 

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The Science of Super Heroes to Global Warming

University of California Irvine

This course explores how science works through case studies drawn from a wide spectrum of people's experience, for example superheros, movies, and real world issues such as global warming. 


Topics in Comparative Media: American Pro Wrestling


This course explores the cultural history and media industry surrounding the masculine drama of professional wrestling. Beginning with it's roots in sport and carnival, the class examines how new technologies and changes in the television industry led to evolution for the pro wrestling style.

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The Simpsons and Philosophy

UC Berkley

The purpose of the course is to offer Berkeley students an introductory look into philosophy, provided in a uniquely fun and engaging way through The Simpsons.

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Maple Syrup, The Real Thing

Alfred University

In this course students get to actually go through the process of making maple syrup.  The class also explores topics such as U.S. and local history, environmental science, business and economics, storytelling, and biology.