Unusual College Majors You Can Study


Having some trouble with figuring out what you want to study in college? If you’re the kind of person that doesn’t want to get some “traditional” degree like English, Business, Marketing, etc.. and you want to really see what colleges have to offer then you’re in luck. The degrees listed below are… different, to say the least.


Sexuality Studies - Ohio State University

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At the Ohio State University you can get a Bachelor of Arts in Sexuality Studies if that tickles your fancy. You’ll examine how social, historical, psychological, literary, legal, biological, and political contexts shape sexual practices, expressions, identities, and representations. You’ll take courses about Sex and Gender in the Ancient World, Primate Sexuality and even Sexuality and Sport, whatever that is. 

Bowling Industry Management and Technology - Vincennes University

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Do you love bowling so much that you always want to be at the lanes? Well there is a way you can with earning a degree in Bowling Industry Management and Technology. The courses in this program include Lane and Pinsetter Maintenance, Lane and Pinsetter Laboratory and Bowling Lanes Management. After graduating you are certified for entry level jobs within the bowling industry in management, marketing and technical maintenance fields.  

Bagpiping - Carnegie Mellon University

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For over 75 years now, Carnegie Mellon University has offered majors in the art of Bagpiping because of the strong Scottish roots of the school’s founders. Here, aspiring or seasoned players will learn the music and technique behind these unique instruments. Once graduated students can go on to play professionally or teach others how to play. If you love the music sounded off from these pipes or the breeze you can feel by wearing a kilt on a hot summer day a Bagpiping Degree might be right for you. 

Theme Park Engineering - California State University Long Beach

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At California State University in Long Beach you can earn the degree in Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Option in Theme Park Engineering. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Being able to work at a theme park all day. Well you’re still an engineer, which means you better be good at math and science because you’re going to need it. The courses to earn this degree include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering with a little civil engineering sprinkled in too, because why not? You’ll also cover properties in electrical power, along with mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic control. Yup, sounds complicated to us normal folk, so I’ll just stick to going to theme parks rather than running them. 

Diving Business and Technology - Florida Keys Community College

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This Associates degree will teach students how to manage dive businesses in retail sales, equipment repair and rentals. Students will be trained in physiology and the physics applied to diving. They will also learn emergency medicine and first aid for pressure-related diving injuries. And how to operate recompression chambers and even underwater photography. Sounds like a lot of fun if you are comfortable underwater. 

Surf Science and Technology - Cornwall College (UK) 

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If you have a passion for surfing and want to turn it into a profession, or wanted to open up your very own surf shop to escape the corporate life-style, then this degree is for you. You can study this programme (programme is British for program) at Cornwall University in the United Kingdom on their Newquay campus, which is located on Tolcarne Beach. Sounds awesome, having class on the beach. You’ll learn the sport of surfing, surfing business, human exercise science, coaching, surfing culture and history, as well as being able to make and design your own surf board. So while your buddies are stuck in classrooms staring at white boards, you’ll be outside, on the ocean, riding on surf boards. 

Citrus - Florida Southern College

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If you want a truly unique degree, then check out Florida Southern College’s Bachelor degree program for Citrus and Horticulture Science. It’s the only one of its kind in the United States. It provides a broad based education of Florida’s Citrus industry as well as hands on experience and learning in the citrus tree groves on campus. Everyone should love citrus; orange, lemons, limes, grapefruits, they’re freaking delicious. You also get to learn how to grow stuff, so if you are interested in both of those things and you like sunny Florida, then maybe it is a perfect fit.

Adventure Education - Plymouth University


If you’re an outdoorsy person then this major is perfect. A degree in Adventure Education teaches students how to use the Great Outdoors to expose children and adults to challenging adventures, personal growth and self-discovery. The Adventure Education program focuses on safety, challenge, and leadership. Adventure Education students also explore the theories, philosophy, history, ethics, and risk management related to Adventure Education. This major would be such a fun one to get, courses include; Rock Climbing Fundamentals, Whitewater Kayaking and Wilderness Expedition.