Netflix Original Series You Need To See


F Is For Family

IMBD: 8.0

From the comedic genius of stand up comedian Bill Burr, F Is For Family is a must watch animated sitcom. It’s about a dysfunctional Irish-American family living in the suburbs set in the 1970’s. The show centers around the youngest boy in the family, middle school age Bill who is awkward, scrawny and gets bullied a lot. His older brother Kevin, who is a burnt out stoner, having the delusion he is going to change the world with his progressive rock band. The dad, Frank, who is a Korean vet who gets angry at literally everything. The loving mother, who is a full time house wife and part time entrepreneur. And the younger sister, who is favored by the dad because she is the only girl, but she has a mean, sadistic side to her.  Since it’s in a past era where political correctness wasn’t even close to being on the horizon, this show’s humor is super edgy but freaking funny. If you have ever listened to Bill Burr then you know what to expect. If you haven’t then you need to drop everything right now and get on that, seriously. The show has 3 seasons already and a fourth is coming in 2020. 

American Vandal

IMDB: 8.2

American Vandal is a mystery about finding the identity of the culprit who drew penises on 27 cars in the high school parking lot as a prank. As you can probably guess from that synopsis, this show is satire. The series is filmed in “mockumentary” format (fictional documentary) and is a parody of “true crime” documentaries, such as Netflix’s Making a Murderer, which was extremely popular when it came out. That’s probably how they came up with the idea and striking another gold mine probably didn’t hurt either. Despite it being a silly show, the plot is very well written and the acting is great. The mystery had me guessing and kept in suspense. The actors featured in it did a great job, especially Jimmy Tatro, who broke into Hollywood through being a YouTuber. There is 2 seasons in this series. The 1st deals with the dick mystery, while in the 2nd season the investigation revolves around someone known as “The Turd Burglar”. You can probably tell they are sticking to staying ridiculous. Netflix has not renewed a season 3 but it is rumored the show’s creators are going to shop it around to other networks. Hopefully it finds itself another home. 

The Ranch

IMDB: 7.6

Starring Ashton Kutcher, Danny Masterson and the “Marlboro Man” himself, Sam Elliot; The Ranch is a sitcom about rural life in Colorado. This show is both funny and at some parts pretty dramatic as well. The chemistry of the thee leads, who are a father and his two sons in a dysfunctional but loving family work really well onscreen. For those of you who live the country lifestyle you know that it’s portrayed realistically. It’s good to see that middle America life portrayed in Hollywood because most sitcoms they make are about rich privileged people and their problems in the big cities on the coasts.  It’s also a breath of fresh air that in this show all sides of the spectrums of American politics are  shown and not in a two dimensional way. The show starts off with Kutcher, playing the second eldest son, returning home after several years away. He left the family ranch to pursue his dream of playing football professionally, however his partying lifestyle hindered him from ever making it. There is a lot of tension between him and his dad because of personality clashes since they are both so stubborn. Masterson’s role as the silly, wanna-be womanizing, older brother is usually there for comedic relief but his character also has a great arc. It is a very well rounded show between comedy and drama and definitely worth a watch. There are already 3 seasons out right now on Netflix and a 4th has been renewed. 

House of Cards

IMDB: 8.8

House of Cards stars Kevin Spacey as an evil politician in arguably his best role ever. Kevin Spacey plays an excellent villain and in this series he absolutely kills, pun intended. The show chronicles Spacey as Frank Underwood and his rise to power in DC. The show is full of manipulation, betrayal and deception. You know, everything you need to have to make it in American politics (jk, kinda). It is written extremely well with a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is based off a novel series written by Micheal Dobbs, who is a conservative British politician, so you know it’s realistic. What also makes the show so good is its supporting cast. Robin Wright, who plays Frank Underwood’s wife is equally compelling. Wright won a Golden Globe for Outstanding Lead Actress and was also nominated for an Emmy. The show as a whole received 8 Golden Globe nominations as well as 33 Emmy Nominations. If you haven’t seen it and you like political thrillers, this one should be at the top of your list. Even if you’re not into politics or you hate hearing about them, especially in this day and age, House of Cards is an outstanding show you won’t regret turning on.

Peaky Blinders

IMDB: 8.8

Peaky Blinders is based on an actual crime family in England during the early 1900’s, who were famous for sewing razor blades in their peaked flat caps so they could slash their opponents eyes, hence taking up the gang name the “Peaky Blinders.” Irish actor and Golden Globe nominee, Killian Murphy stars as the head of the family, Thomas Shelby. He is a ruthless man who suffers from PTSD form World War I. The series follows him as he leads his organization into expanding their power and territory while fighting rival gangs and keeping out of jail. If you like gang and crime stories then this show is for you. There is already 4 seasons out so far with a 5th coming out later this year. 


IMDB: 8.8

Perhaps the most famous outlaw to have ever walked this earth, Pablo Escobar is a legend who will probably be talked about until the end of time. There has been so many movies and shows about the billionaire cocaine trafficker, but Narcos definitely stands out above the rest. Wagner Moura plays Pablo and he does an outstanding job. Seriously, the best part of this series is the acting, except for one person but I won’t name names. Filmed in Coloumbia, the filmmakers really portrayed everything about that lifestyle realistically. If you can’t handle violence then stay away from this show as it can get pretty brutal. Narcos has 3 seasons on Escobar’s story and it’s 4th season titled Narcos Mexico is a completely different plot set in Mexico and the drug trafficking operations there. 

Stranger Things

IMDB: 8.9

Come on who doesn’t love Stranger Things? If you don’t, then leave. This website isn’t for you. If you haven’t seen it… Where the heck were you in 2016 when it was like the biggest thing in pop culture? 

Stranger Things is about the disappearance of a child into a supernatural realm no one knows about. His mother and friends deal with the crisis in their own way, while the sheriff tries to make sense of all the strange things happening involving the missing person case. Set in the 1980’s, it’s part science fiction, part coming-of-age teen comedy/drama, and part horror. That’s a lot to have all in one story but Stranger Things pulls it off no problem. What also makes this show so good is the kids’ acting abilities. They are really good actors and when your whole story revolves around kids, it could be a hit or miss. Not to diss on child actors or anything, it’s just that it’s super hard to get really good kid actors, however they casted this show perfectly so it all worked out. So far there have been 2 season with Stranger Things 3 coming out soon on July 4th of this year.