The History of Post Malone's Face Tattoos


The new style of this generation of rap superstars is sporting face tattoos. Regardless of your opinions of them, Post Malone is definitely one of the forerunners of this look. So without further ado here is the history of “White Iversons” face tats.

post malone 1.jpg

Looking at Post Malone’s current ink situation, you might think he has been building his collection for quite some time. But actually Malone is pretty new to the game. His first face tattoo was acquired less than two years ago.

post malone 2.jpg

Malone got his first face tattoo in September of 2017 and we owe it all to Justin Bieber. He was quoted saying, "We were working on Stoney, and then we had a tattoo artist come through, and I was like, 'You know what? Justin Bieber’s got some tatts, and I love you, but I know I’m way tougher than you,'”

Within a month, Malone had added a second face tattoo to his collection, barbed wire across his forehead.

post malone brbed wire.jpg

post malone stay away tattoo.jpg

His third face tattoo, Stay Away, is rumored to pay homage to the late rapper Lil Peep, however Post Malone has yet to verify this.

There is a wide range of opinions speculating the reason behind his many tattoos. Many have claimed that his tattoos could stem from mental health issues like insomnia and depression. Even going so far as to cite these lyrics as their evidence…

Paranoid: “And I wake up every day, I wake up every day with this anxiety.”

Rich & Sad : “All this stuntin’ couldn’t satisfy my soul, Got a hundred places, but I’m still alone.”

Better Now: “Because no matter how my life has changed, I keep looking back on better days.”

Fans of this theory cite his “Always Tired” tattoo as evidence, however Malone explained that he had always wanted a tattoo with equal letters on either side of his face. He told Billboard Magazine, "I guess 'always' is more letters than 'tired,' but I was tired so I didn’t realize,"

post malone always tired tattoo.png

post malone sword tattoo.jpg

After adding the William Wallace Claymore sword tattoo in May 2018, Malone revealed, “Whenever I was a little kid, I was like 12, I had a collection of swords and I loved it.” — What boy doesn’t love swords? Also, Braveheart is like one of the ultimate “guy’s movies.”

All in all, Post Malone has shared a much simpler reason behind the rest of his tattoos. He was quoted saying, “Anything to piss my mom off.” And “I got a face for radio anyways, so why not?” “I figured it makes me interesting.”