Top Frat Parties Across the Nation


Texas ZBTahiti

School: University of Texas at Austin

Fraternity: Zeta Beta Tau

Every year in April, UT has a crazy party weekend called Roundup. All the Frats throw huge parties and people eat crawfish. The best of these parties is definitely Texas ZBTahiti. This rager is the place to cool down as they are the only Frat on campus that has a pool and they serve alcoholic snow cones. The music entertainment is on point, they have had huge names grace their stage like J. Cole and Ying Yang Twins.

FIJI Islander

School: Any school with a Phi Gamma Delta local chapter

Fraternity: Phi Gamma Delta chapter

The biggest Island themed party spread across the nation. Islands and booze are the perfect combo. Add in beautiful girls, slip-n-slides, hula skirts and coconut bras, the FIJI Islander party is always a great time.

SAE Jungle Party

School: Any school with a SAE local chapter

Fraternity: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

This party takes weeks to prepare but it’s definitely worth it. The SAE Jungle Party is held at any chapter who can build themselves an epic jungle landscape where the girls can go wild.

Phi Tau’s Oasis - University of Florida

School: University Of Florida

Fraternity: Phi Kappa Tau

This is a freaking party marathon, with a day party of drinking in the sun, turned into a night party full of music and dancing, it’s a good 13-14 hours of raging. Pools, waterfalls, sandals and of course gorgeous bikinis, set the stage for the Oasis at UF in Gainesville. They even ship in tons, (literally) of beach sand. Pledges are responsible for shoveling it all in before the fiesta begins. 

Phi Psi’s Frost 

School: Any school with a Phi Psi local chapter

Fraternity: Phi Kappa Psi 

Any chapter of Phi Psi that can and should build a winter wonderland in the middle of their Greek Row participates in Phi Psi’s legendary Frost Party. There’s a lot of ice, snow, and you’ll probably spot a Yeti.

Chi Phi’s Lost Weekend 

School: University of Georgia 

Fraternity: Chi Phi 

Every Spring since 1984, the University of Georgia’s Chi Phi throw a huge outdoor party called Lost Weekend. Probably because many people who wander away drunk end up getting pretty lost. They take care of the music with live bands and of course DJ’s to dance the night away.