Colleges With The Most Famous & Successful Alumni


New York University

nyu .jpg

Joel Cohen: Academy award winner filmmaker 

Oliver Stone: Academy award winner filmmaker 

Martin :: Academy award winner filmmaker 

Whoopi Goldberg: Hollywood Actor 

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Hollywood Actor

Anne Hathaway: Hollywood Actor 

Aziz Ansari: Comedian

Lady Gaga: Pop singer 

Judy Blume: Famous Novelist 

Stanford University 


Larry Page: Google Co-founder

Sergey Brin: Google Co-founder 

Mike Krieger: Instagram Co-founder 

Kevin Systrom: Instagram Co-founder

David Filo: Yahoo Co-founder

Jerry Yang: Yahoo Co-founder

Reed Hastings: Netflix founder and CEO

Sam Simon: Simpsons Co-creator 

Rachel Maddow: MSNBC News Anchor

Yale University

yale university.jpg

William Howard Taft: US President

Bill Clinton: US President

Gerald Ford: US President

George H.W. Bush: US President

George W. Bush: US President

Tom Wolfe: Famous Novelist 

Meryl Streep: Hollywood Actor

Jodie Foster: Hollywood Actor

Edward Norton: Hollywood Actor

Columbia University in the city of New York 

Columbia University in the city of New York .jpg

Alexander Hamilton: American Founding Father 

John Jay: American Founding Father

Theodore Roosevelt: US President

Franklin D. Roosevelt: US President

Barack Obama: US President

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: US Supreme Court Justice

Allen Ginsberg: Famous Author

Jack Kerouac: Famous Author

J.D. Salinger: Famous Author

University of California - Berkeley 

University of California - Berkeley .jpg

Steve Wozniak: Apple Co-founder

Gordon Moore: Intel Co-founder

Eric Schmidt: Google Executive

Robert Penn Warren: Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist

Jerry Brown: California Governor 

Harvard University

Harvard University.jpg

John F. Kennedy: US President

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: US President

Barack Obama: US President

Conan O’Brien: Late Nate Television Host 

Amy Poehler: Comedian and Actor

Terrence Malick: Hollywood Director

Bill Gates: Microsoft Founder

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Creator 

Peter O'Melia