15 Weirdly Interesting Scientific Facts

sun and earth_15facts.jpg

It takes a photon up to 40,000 years to travel from the core of the sun to its surface, but only 8 minutes and 20 seconds to travel from its surface to us on Earth.

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You will likely fart after you die. Any gasses trapped inside by clenched muscles automatically relax, thus releasing the gas. Gases will also build up from bacteria and decomposition, so you can fart after you die too. Some dead bodies fart a lot. 

luna moth_15 facts.jpg

There is a type of moth that doesn’t eat its entire life. The “Luna moth” can’t eat because it physically has no mouth. When the moth emerges from its cocoon, it only has a 7 day lifespan during which they mate and then starve to death.

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A researcher only popped the knuckles of one of his hands for 60 years, but not the other. He found no discernible difference in the amount of arthritis between his two hands at the end of his experiment.

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You know that smell of freshly cut grass? Well, essentially that’s the grass yelling out in pain. When grass is cut it releases a chemical that is an odor signaling it is in distress. Kind of nuts huh?

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Back in the day until about the 1960’s, to see if a lady was pregnant Doctors would take her urine and then actually inject it into a frog. If the frog laid eggs within a day or so then it was determined that she was in fact pregnant. The hormones in the pregnant lady’s pee would trigger the frog to lay her own eggs. WTF. 

jellyfish_15 facts.jpg

Technically there are animals and plants on earth that do not age. They only die from injury or disease. Their bodies do not break down over time. They’re considered to be "Biologically Immortal." Two examples of these creatures are Lobsters and Jellyfish. 

Gonorrhea_15 facts.jpg

When you think of the strongest creatures on earth in terms of body weight you probably think of ants. These little guys can lift anything from 1,000 to 5,000 times their own body weight, which is extremely impressive. But there is another organism on earth that puts that number to shame. This organism is a bacteria with the ability to pull 100,000 times their own body weight. This bacteria is called Gonorrhea, I’m sure you’ve heard about it. 

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Depending on whether water is hot or cold, it actually sounds different when being poured. In fact it’s such a difference that even the human ear can pick it up. This is because water changes viscosity (thickness or stickiness) depending on its temperature. The colder the water, the higher the pitch. The hotter the water the lower the pitch. Pay attention and listen the next time you pour your coffee. 

cumulus clouds_15 facts.jpg

You know those big, fluffy, cumulus clouds that fill the sky and look like ice cream? If you were to take the weight of just one of those delicious looking things it would be a little over a million pounds. Clouds are made up of tiny drops of water and we all know, especially if you own a water dispenser and have ever changed one of those 5 gallon jugs, that water is very heavy. 

octopus_15 facts.jpg

Being one of the more interesting looking sea creatures, the Octopus also has a really crazy anatomy going on. They have nine brains, three hearts, and blue blood. Two of the hearts are just for the gills and the third heart takes care of everything else. It has one central brain, kind of like us, but then it also has little mini brains at the base of each tentacle, therefore making nine. They have blue blood because unlike us who have an iron based blood, they have copper based blood. The reason for this is that copper blood is more efficient at transporting oxygen in the cold water temperatures. The copper turns the blood blue. 

video games_15 facts.jpg

So, it turns out that playing a moderate amount of video games is actually good for you. It builds multitasking skills and can boost your memory. It can even help those with dyslexia. It can also reduce stress and increase coordination. So the next time anyone gives you crap just for playing video games show them this article.

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This fact will blow your mind. There are 8 times as many atoms in a teaspoonful of water as there are teaspoonfuls of water in the entire Atlantic ocean. That’s a freaking lot of atoms. 

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If you were able to fold a piece of paper in half 51 times it would reach the surface of the sun. But it would probably catch fire before it got there. 


If honey is sealed properly it will not go bad or rotten. It can literally be edible thousands of years later. Egyptian tombs have been found with jars of still edible honey inside. How much money would it take for you to eat thousand year old mummy honey?