Random Things That’ll Make You Go WTF!?

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Selfie Deaths 

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So far, more than 250 people have died while taking a selfie. Sounds terrifying doesn’t it? You and your girl are out on a romantic walk on the beach when all of a sudden a jet plane engine part comes out of nowhere and smashes into your head and BOOM, lights out. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch of how selfie deaths occur. The leading cause is drowning, followed by accidents involving transportation, like the person is distracted and accidentally walks into traffic, then the last reason is falling from heights. The number 1 country selfie deaths occur is in India. People, please watch out when you’re taking a selfie, an Instagram post is NOT worth your life. 

Wombats Poop In Cubes 


So, if you’re wondering how they pull off this feat, it is NOT that they have square buttholes. Scientists have found that these cute creature’s slow digestive system and the shape of the inside of their intestines are what causes the cubed crap. They also mark their territory with their poop. Kind of convenient it’s square and not round so it won’t roll away.  They are the only organisms in the world that makes cubed number 2.  

Blood Thirsty Butterflies

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So when you think of butterflies you probably think of beautiful, graceful and peaceful symbols of the renewal of life in the Springtime. But actually these creatures will suck your blood if they are given the chance. Though they cannot bite you, they do something called “mud-puddling” where they hover over pools of mud, blood, feces and other bodily fluids and determine if it has nutrients it wants. Its favorite is blood. Kind of makes you look at them differently huh? 

Mites On Your Face 


I hate to break it to you but you and everyone you know have little bugs living on your face. They are called Demodex and they are microscopic beings that make their homes on your eye lashes, eyebrows and hair follicles. They lay eggs in your pores and only poop when they are dead. Don’t worry, they are completely harmless and feed on your dead skin. Makes you want to go wash your face right now doesn’t it? 

Frogs Swallow Their Food With the Help of Their Eyeballs


When frogs eat they always close their eyes. But they are not blinking, they are swallowing their food with the help of their eyeballs. Every time they swallow, their eyeballs retract down their esophagus to push the food down to their stomachs. Seriously, WTF. 

Butt-Breathing Turtles


Very few reptiles have the ability to breath underwater. The White Throated Snapping Turtle from Australia can breathe out of its butt through a process called cloacal respiration. Only a handful of other reptiles and fish can do this. It gives them a significant advantage of hiding from predators underwater for a long period of time. This process requires a very specific habitat to do it in and unfortunately these habitats are getting cleared out, resulting in these turtles becoming endangered. It sure would be a shame if they became extinct because the ability to breath out of the ass is pretty incredible if you ask me. 

Corn Flakes Were Invented To Prevent Masturbation 


So, here is a super odd and random fact that’ll make you go WTF. They man who invented Corn Flakes did so to curb the urge for people to pleasure themselves. Dr Harvey Kellog was a devout Christian and believed that healthy bland foods lead people away from sin while tasty foods like meat actually drew people to it. I myself am a fan of Corn Flakes but I always load it up with sugar and cut up bananas. Maybe that’s why I’m horny all the time?