10 Awesome College Traditions


The Pull

Hope College

This tradition is so old that it’s older than some of the states in the US. Starting in 1898, “The Pull” is a giant tug-of-war contest. Each team has 36 members, “the pullers”, who are on the ropes to pull and “the moralers”, who give instructions and cheer the pullers on. The two teams cannot see each other since there is a barrier between them. The contest has lasted as long as 3 hours and 51 minutes to as short as 40 seconds. 


Spirit Splash 

University of Central Florida

In 1995 the very first “Spirit Splash” occurred at the University of Central Florida. Since then it happens at the end of every October. All the students jump into the school’s Reflecting Pond to kick off and celebrate Homecoming weekend. The story behind the tradition is kind of funny. It all started when the student body president was pushed into the pond. I guess he or she was a good sport about it, I can’t say the same if it happened to me. Spirit Splash once won the Best Campus Tradition award from the National Association for Campus Activities.


Dolphy Day 

Le Moyne College

In my opinion Dolphy Day is one of the best college traditions there is. Every year sometime in spring, the Le Moyne College faculty surprises its students with a day off. It starts at 2 am and the students do not know when Dolphy Day is until the last moment. It is a day of rest, relaxation and of course lots of partying. The students have a giant barbecue and get to watch a firework show. The tradition began in 1971.


Cornell Dragon Day 

Cornell University

This tradition is old AF, going back more than one hundred years to 1897-1901. It happens every March where the first year architecture students and engineering students battle it out to the death. Not really though, this isn’t some Game of Thrones sh**. The architecture students build a massive dragon while the engineering students build a phoenix. They march their creatures towards each other and the blood bath ensues. The tradition first started with the architecture students constructing a huge dragon and then burning it to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The school put a stop to the burning for safety reasons (lame). Sometime in the 1950’s the rival Engineering students didn’t like that the architecture students got to have a fun day all to themselves. They built a phoenix then challenged the dragon to a fight, the rest is history. Dragon Day happens every March right before the students leave for spring break. What a dope way to kick off spring break!


Civilians vs. Cadets Snowball Fight 

Virginia Tech

This tradition is essentially one big a$$ snowball fight. Every year after the first big snowfall the students break into 2 teams; cadets vs. civilians. Virginia Tech’s student body use to be only made up of Reserved Officers Training Corps (ROTC). It’s not known when this tradition started but they do it to honor the history of their school. 


Dartmouth Winter Carnival 

Dartmouth College

Another tradition that dates back more than 100 years is the Dartmouth Winter Carnival. The students enjoy ski races, an ice sculpture contest, a human dog sled race and a polar bear swim. It is held in February and has been around since 1910. 


Renn Fayre 

Reed College

After the school year is officially over, Reed College throws an epic party called “Renn Fayre.” The students celebrate being free with music, food, art and some of them even strip down to their birthday suits and cover themselves in blue paint. This tradition is especially awesome because the Seniors burn their thesis papers during the Thesis Parade.


THON Weekend

Pennsylvania State University

This tradition is intense. Every year in February there is a 46 hour dance marathon where students cannot sit or sleep. It’s called THON Weekend and the proceeds go to the Four Diamonds Fund to fight pediatric cancer. It started in 1977 and has raised more than 114 million dollars so far. Way to go Penn State. 


The Krispy Kreme Challenge 

North Carolina State University

This tradition is very simple, run and eat delicious donuts. Every February, the students at North Carolina State University run 2.5 miles to a Krispy Kreme donut shop, eat a dozen of those gloriously glazed donuts then run back 2.5 miles to the campus. I imagine there are a lot of stomachs cramping and some puking. It all started as a dare one student challenged another student to do and now it’s a huge event with proceeds going to charity. See, binge eating can be a good thing.


ASU Undie Run

Arizona State University

Every year since 2008, ASU students strip down to their undies and run across the Tempe campus. It is to celebrate the end of classes at the beginning of May. Afterwards there is a big party (15,000 students participating) with lots to do. The students can also donate their clothes to the second hand thrift shop chain Goodwill.