Top 10 News Bloopers


10. Minnesota Reporter tackled On Live TV 

Lee Valsvik, a reporter for the Minneapolis NBC affiliate, was in the middle of doing a football themed live interview to show off one of the rooftop restaurants at the stadium. That’s when things didn’t quite go to plan. If there was a plan. Watch what happens, also it’s pretty funny what number is on her jersey, I wonder if that was intentional or not. 

9. Lizard Jumps on News Anchor 

So, like the title says a lizard jumps on a News Anchor during a live TV segment where an animal expert was showing the audience different kinds of reptiles in Texas. But what’s so funny about this news blooper is his reaction and that thousands of people witnessed it. I didn’t know a grown man could make sounds like that. Everyone had a good laugh though, including the news anchor. 

8. News Anchor Loses Script

News anchor Curt Fonger of News 12 in West Palm Beach, did not have a good night because he misplaced his script for one of the news stories. While he looked for the script he proceeded to make up some information off the top of his head until he found it again and the result is pretty shocking. This is one news blooper you don’t want your name behind. 

7. Bug Flies Into Reporter’s Mouth

During a story a reporter catches a fly in his mouth. He then proceeds to lose his patience with the town he’s in. It seems his “on air” and “off air” personalties are completely different. 

NSFW: Swearing in video

6. Grape Lady Falls

This next clip is a news blooper classic as it’s one of the first to go viral. It was uploaded to YouTube in 2006 but it was filmed in 1998 outside Atlanta Georgia. News reporter Melissa Sander from Fox 5 went to a local winery that was having a grape stomping contest. To show the audience what the competition would be like Melissa took a pretty bad fall. If the fall isn’t embarrassing enough, the noise she makes is the icing on the cake.

5. News Anchor Quits On Live TV

In Anchorage Alaska, local news reporter Charlo Greene was presenting a news story about a medical marijuana dispensary, and also the Alaskan politics behind weed legalization. However it turns out that Charlo, the reporter doing the story on the dispensary, actually owns the dispensary she’s talking about. Then “she spoke from her heart” to her fellow Alaskans about how she was going to live out her passion. The other news anchor’s face at the end of the video is priceless. 

NSFW: Swearing in video

4. BBC Reporter vs. Burning Drugs

So what happens when you tell a news reporter to stand in front of a giant pile of burning drugs to do a story? That’s a rhetorical question because we all know that man would be on a different planet in about 30 seconds. At least it looks like this guy had some fun. Though it would suck if his boss drug tested him the next day. 

3. Shepard Smith Jennifer Lopez Blooper

Back in 2002, Fox reporter Shepard Smith had a hilarious slip-of-the tongue on the primetime news station. While talking about Jennifer Lopez’s newest album at the time he got his words mixed up and said a sexual act that probably can’t be mentioned on the public airwaves. I wonder if Fox got fined by the FCC for that one? Shepard’s apology at the end is pretty funny too. 

2. News Anchors Laugh At Big Pig

Newscasters in Iowa could not stop laughing while doing a piece about the biggest pig at the state’s fair. The pigs name was Goliath and he weighed 1,070 pounds. That’s one giant pig for sure, but what is so funny that has the newscasters giggling is what one of the camera angles shows on the pig. 

1. Reporter Flipped By Sled 

From what was suppose to just be a friendly sledding competition, turned into a very close call. It could be said that this news reporter got caught up in the action of his story a little too much. Props to him though, he finished his segment even though he probably almost died.