Top Viral Moments On Live Tv


“Sign says four quarters gets you an hour”

Somewhere in Philadelphia, while doing a story about whether the city has too many parking meters, a local news station interviewed a man and asked for his opinion on the matter. He then airs his grievances on live tv before realizing that he can’t perform 2nd grade math. His reaction is priceless and will forever be in meme history. 

“I dropped my Hot Pocket”

On May 12, 2016, Northeast Arkansas’ local news channel Region 8 reported on a case of seven shootings that took place over a 24 hour period. The reporter interviewed two teenagers who were eyewitness accounts to some of the shootings. Jackson explains that he was startled so much by the gunshots that he accidentally dropped his Hot Pocket. His funny reaction and seemingly out of place quote went on to be a viral hit on YouTube the social media app Vine. I mean to give the kid some credit, it would take a lot for me to drop my Hot Pocket too.

“Ain’t nobody got time for that”

On April 7th, 2012, a fire broke out in an apartment complex in Oklahoma City. Local news station KFOR went to the scene and interviewed “Sweet Brown” a resident displaced from the fire. Her response and story about the fire and smoke became a highly viral video clip and meme. Just inside of 48 hours of being posted Sweet Brown’s “Ain't nobody got time for that” video was viewed over 1 million times. It was shared and reported on by Tosh.0, eBaum’s World, Buzzfeed and Gawker. I have a strong feeling “Ain’t nobody got time for that” will be quoted until the end of days. 

“B**ch don’t even know me”

In New York City, news station PIX 11 covered a story about a 86 year old woman named Bernice whose purse was stolen. Not long after it happened the NYPD found the person who did it and arrested them. The 86 year old grandma’s response while being interviewed about the incident is hilarious. Just imagine families at home watching their local news and hearing a sweet looking old lady saying what she really feels and doesn’t care if it sounds harsh or not. 

“He started crying like a little baby”

In 2016, 11 year old Chris was home alone when he heard a noise and realized that someone had broken into his house. Chris grabbed his dad’s 9 mm pistol and pointed at the intruder and told him to leave. The intruder thought the gun wasn’t real and proceeded to tell the kid to “F off”. The intruder took a hamper of clothes and while he was trying to get away Chris started firing the pistol at him. Chris’ last shot finally hit the intruder’s leg. Chris’s retelling of the story to the local news is funny because he seems to have a lack of emotion. He also mocks the guy he shot “he started crying like a little baby” which is what got the internet to love this clip so much. I don’t know why the guy thought the kid’s gun was fake, this happened in Alabama for Pete’s sake. 

“No fire, not today”

Michelle Dobyne was a resident of the Casa Linda apartment complex in Tulsa, Oklahoma when her building caught on fire and she and several other families had to be evacuated out. While she was staying at a Red Cross center to wait for the damage to be fixed a local news station interviewed her to tell them about ther fire. Her enthusiastic and highly energetic retelling of what happened would eventually became viral gold.

“I heard a big boom”

A Kentucky farmer named Gary Lee Anderson was home one day, minding his own business, when he heard a drunk couple crash their car on his property. He went outside to see what was going on and saw that the couple was also being attacked by bees too. This story is really funny, not because of how strange it is (getting into a crash then getting attacked by bees) but because of how Gary tells it to his local news station who interviewed him. How he describes what he saw is what makes this video special. 

“I am tired”

Good Day Spokane anchor Nichole Mischke interviewed Flossie Dickey on her 110th birthday for a segment on Fox 28. This clip is hilarious because Flossie seems to be over all the BS in life. She just likes to take naps and drink coffee or whiskey straight up. She doesn’t get excited anymore about birthday parties or tv interviews it seems. The interviewer Nichole had to deal with the silence and awkwardness of it all. 

“I chased him in me undies”

In Brisbane, Australia, Daniel McConnell was fast asleep when his wife woke him up and told him that someone had driven their car into the fish and chips shop across the street from their house. Daniel got up and went to the shop in just his undies and then had to chase the guy down for trying to do a hit and run. Daniel tells all about his crazy night in this news interview. Deemed “Aussiest Interview Ever” Daniel McConnell’s interview went ultra viral on the internet. 

“Hide yo kids, hide yo wife”

On July 28th, 2010, Alabama’s NBC affiliate WAFF-48 News reported that police were searching for a man who had broken into a woman’s house and tried to assault her. They interviewed Kelly Dodson, who told them she woke up to a man in her bed trying to sexually assault her. They then interviewed Antoine Dodson, Kelly’s brother, who heard her scream and ran into her room, chased the man but he got away by jumping out of a window. Antoine’s telling of the incident took the internet by storm when the news clip was uploaded. It was shared all over the internet on websites like YouTube, Buzzfeed, Best Week Ever and Dlisted. Then a parody video was put out of Antoine’s interview in autotune, edited to make a song. That video was viewed more than 130 million times so far. Since then, Antoine has tried to make a reality TV show about he and his families life but hasn’t gotten funding for it yet. I would for sure donate to see that.