Best Shows to Binge Watch Now on Netflix (June 2019)


Breaking Bad 


We should start with the best. Arguably the TV show that changed cable television drama forever, Breaking Bad is the ultimate show to binge. If you haven’t seen it yet and the year is 2019, just freaking watch it already, everyone and their mother knows how good the show is now. It chronicles the rise and fall of the chemistry school teacher, Walter White and his journey becoming  a drug kingpin. This tv show will consumes you, it is full of moments of wry humor and shocking violence. The show’s creator Vince Gilligan wanted to know how to turn a “Mr. Chips” character into “Scarface” and I’d say he did a pretty legendary job at telling that story. 

NSFW: Swearing



For the summer days you want just humor in your life, then Cheers is perfect. It ran for 271 episodes, so it must have been doing something right. It’s about an ex-professional baseball player who owns and bartends a bar in Boston. You’ll see him interact with his employees and his regulars and the drama they bring to the bar from home. It’s a very sweet and endearing show that’ll make it hard to turn off the TV. 

Hap & Leonard 


If you like crime/mystery shows that will keep you to the edge of your seat, then Hap & Leonard is a great one to put on. This drama series is based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale also called Hap & Leonard. Hap is an ex con, trying to stay out of trouble and his best friend is Leonard, a gay black man with anger issues. Together the two of them solve mysteries and brutal crimes, usually so they don’t get blamed for them. The two leads in this show are James Purefoy as Hap and Michael Kenneth Williams as Leonard, both are veteran actors that’ll keep you from changing the channel. 

Comedy Bang! Bang!


With it’s birth as a podcast, Comedy Bang! Bang! made it on to tv in 2012. Created by Scott Auckerman, this hilarious comedy talk show will have you glued to your seat. The show is weird, strange and incredibly surreal at times. You might find yourself thinking “WTF am I watching?” but in a good way. Studded with a host of today’s hottest celebrities, Comedy Bang! Bang! is a breath of first air in the “talk show” genre. 

Clip from of the show

Halt & Catch Fire 


Halt and Catch Fire is an excellent period drama series about the personal computer revolution in the 1980’s and the World Wide Web’s growth in the 1990’s. Season 1 takes place in the Silicon Prairie of Dallas-Fort Worth, about an entrepreneur, a computer engineer and a prodigy computer programmer, who make a IBM personal computer clone. The show is based on the true events of the Compaq-IBM rivalry. The acting is top notch, the writing is well done, the characters are complicated, and it’s neat to see how our technology of today got it’s start and who was behind it. 

The Haunting of Hill House 

(2018-  )

If you’re a horror fan, then The Haunting of Hill House is a must watch. The series is based on the novels by Shirley Jackson with the same name. It’s about a couple and their 5 kids, who move into an old mansion to fix it up and sell it. But the old mansion has a life of its own. The plot alternates between three timelines about the 5 now adult siblings whose paranormal experiences at the Hill House continue to haunt them in their present. This is the type of horror show that’ll have you proper freaked out but you can’t stop watching it because you need to know what happens. 

The Last Kingdom 

(2015-  )

Set in medieval England, The Last Kingdom is about the struggles between the kingdoms of the British Isles and the invading Danish Vikings. It follows a man named Uhtred, who was born an English noble but was captured and raised by Vikings. The show chronicles his growth and where his allegiances lie. If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll like this show, but it doesn’t have dragons or snow zombie people. Its hand-to-hand combat battle scenes are beautifully shot as they are brutal. If you haven’t seen The Last Kingdom, don’t waste anytime because it has a strong future. 



Perhaps the most famous outlaw to have ever walked this earth, Pablo Escobar is a legend who will probably be talked about until the end of time. There has been so many movies and shows about the billionaire cocaine trafficker, but Narcos definitely stands out above the rest. Wagner Moura plays Pablo and he does an outstanding job. Seriously, the best part of this series is the acting, except for one person but I won’t name names. Filmed in Coloumbia, the filmmakers really portrayed everything about that lifestyle realistically. If you can’t handle violence then stay away from this show as it can get pretty brutal. Narcos has 3 seasons on Escobar’s story and it’s 4th season titled Narcos Mexico is a completely different plot set in Mexico and the drug trafficking operations there.


(2018- )

Unsolved is a true crime television series about the murders of hip hop artists Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. The show chronicles the investigations of Detectives Russel Poole and Greg Kading into what exactly happened. Unsolved is a great way to kill time this summer, the production is top notch, the story is compelling and the acting is superb, with Marcc Rose as Tupac and Wavyy Jones as The Notorious B.I.G. These two murders are perhaps some of the most controversial to happen in the 20th century, check out what really happened, or at least from someone’s perspective.