Awesome Cars Coming Out Soon


Ford Bronco 


The first Ford Bronco was released in 1966 and the model would go on to have 5 generations until it was discontinued in 1996. It was first made to compete with the Jeep CJ in the new SUV market. The Bronco had a solid 30 year run, but by that time consumers were choosing Ford’s other SUV, The Explorer, because it had four doors.  So, Ford bucked the Bronco and introduced The Expedition which is still in production today. Since then the Ford Bronco’s value has gone only one way, up. The early generations of Bronco’s are some of the most valued classic SUV’s on the market. In 2017, Ford decided to reboot the old franchise and announced that The Ford Bronco will be on assembly lines again. Ford wants to take back the 4x4 off-road crown Jeep has been wearing the past couple decades. The new Bronco will share the 2019 Ford Ranger’s platform. Its top and doors will be removable, like the Jeep Wrangler. The Bronco will have two different engine options; a 2.4L 4 cylinder and a 2.7 V6 Ecoboost. The Bronco will come with its classic two door only look but to try to appeal to a wider consumer base, Ford has decided to also make some that have four doors. I’m sure some Bronco fans will not be pleased about that. All in all though its gonna be awesome to have The Bronco back on the streets and on the trails. My only concern is that Ford screws up the classic Bronco look and design. I love its boxy aesthetic, I hope they didn’t “modernize" it too much. 

Ashton Martin Lagonda Sedan 



Ashton Martin is relaunching their top tier sedan, Lagonda, as an all electric, autonomous luxury sedan. They are trying to infiltrate the top end of the sedan market that Rolls Royce and Bently currently have a duopoly on. Lagonda is going to be Ashton Martin’s electric only luxury brand to compete against Tesla. They plan on first making a sedan then a SUV, using the same platform. Lagonda’s technology has been made completely on their own without any help, they want to be completely independent. In 2021, they are going to build a new Laguna factory in Saint Athan, Wales. The sedan is powered by four electric motors attached to each wheel all connected to a battery pack under the floor. It is going to have the same power as a V12. It will be on the roads in 2021. The estimated cost will be somewhere in the high $200k’s. 

Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo 


Porche wagen.jpg

The Mission E Cross Turismo is Porsche’s answer to Teslas’s Model S, and to get into the all-electric game. It has an electric motor on each axle that will provide all wheel drive and 590+ horse power. The range of the car is over 300 miles and it can be recharged up to 250 miles in just 15 minutes, which is twice as fast as Tesla’s supercharger. Plus, they make the “wagon” design on a car look fricken . It’s not your mom’s station wagon. Its competition is the Jaguar I-Pace and the Tesla model S and Model X. It’s estimated price will be around $100k. 

Tesla Roadster 


tesla roadster_goog.jpg

Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla, told the world he would make the fastest production car in the world. That car is the Tesla Roadster and its suppose to come out in 2021. Musk claims that the car will go from 0 to 60 mph in just 1.9 seconds, clear 100 mph in 4.2 seconds, and complete a quarter mile in 8.9 seconds with a max speed of over 250 miles per hour. It has 3 electric motors, 1 is on the front axle while the other 2 are on the 2 back wheels. The Roaster has a 200-kWh battery pack. That is twice the capacity of the largest batteries on Tesla cars on the road now. It gives it a 620-mile range at highway speeds. Its estimated price will be 200k.

Infiniti Q80 


infiniti q80.jpg

The New Infiniti Q80 is to replace the older Q70. It is a mid-size luxury sedan in the class of the Audi A6, BMW 5-Series and the Mercedes- Benz E Class. Starting in 2021, Infiniti has promised to have some sort of electric option, whether it be a hybrid or a full electric powertrain. The Q80 will most likely be a hybrid, with a compound powertrain built around the company’s variable-compression-ratio turbocharged inline-four. The estimated price for the Q80 will be somewhere in-between $55,000-$75,000. 

Lexus LC F


lexus lc f_goog.jpg

Lexus’ fastest car that’s legal for people to buy is its LC F model. The LC F competes against the Acura NSX, Chevy Corvette, Jaguar F-Type SVR, Mercedes-AMG GT R and the Porsche 911. This new model of the F has lost weight and beefed up its power. It got a carbon fiber makeover and a new twin turbo charged 4.0 liter engine, that makes more than 600 horsepower. The F has a 10 speed automatic transmission for the gear changes. When it comes out, a Lexus LC F will cost you around $200,000.

Volkswagen Microbus



One of the iconic symbols from the Hippie movement will make a much welcomed comeback in 2022. The Volkswagen Microbus is returning with a retro-futuristic design and an all electric powertrain. The Microbus sits on Volkswagen’s modular electric platform that was also designed to support many compact to midsize models of other VW’s and Audis. The Microbus will have two electric motors on the front and back axles that will produce 369 horse power. The Microbus will hit the streets in 2022 and will probably start around $40,000.