Lit Party Beaches to go this Summer


So, you looking to get turnt while you’re getting burnt?  Want to dig your toes in the sand with a cold one in your hand? Wanna walk down the pier sipping on a beer? If any of these cheesily rhymed situations seem good to you then keep reading. Listed below are some of the best party beach destinations in the US.

beach party.jpg

Venice Beach 

Los Angeles, California

If you have never been to Venice Beach then you have to go at least once in your life. It’s the perfect blend of ultra weird and totally cool somehow happening at the same time. The atmosphere is buzzing with vendors trying to sell you stuff, street performers doing their thing and people having a good time at the bars on the boardwalk.  It has such a unique energy that is totally LA.

Bars to go to: Venice Ale House, The Brig, High Rooftop Lounge   

Coney Island 

Brooklyn, New York

The historical Coney Island should be on every American’s bucket list to go experience. Nicknamed “the playground of the world” its always a good time. The scenery might be a little rustic and rundown but the energy and excitement of that New York culture makes up for it. You can go on roller coasters, see side shows by the sea shore, check out the aquarium, go to a baseball game, walk the boardwalk or just hang out on the beach. 

Bars to go to: Freak Bar, Margarita Island and Place to Beach

Daytona Beach 

Volusia County, Florida

Daytona Beach is nationally known for its hard-packed sand that allows vehicles to drive on it. This sparked the Daytona Beach community’s love of racing that would eventually lead it to becoming the headquarters of NASCAR and holding the biggest race in the sport The Daytona 500. The Daytona Beach Boardwalk has indoor and outdoor amusement rides, arcade games and plenty of restaurants and bars to go check out.  The whole city has 23 miles of prime coastal beach to choose from. There is so much to do there which makes it a great beach destination for all summer lovers. 

Bars to go to: The Oyster Pub, Boot Hill Saloon, Robbie O’Connell’s Pub

South Padre Island 

Cameron County, Texas

Usually when people think of Texas they think of raised trucks and cowboys. While those two things are deeply entrenched in Texas culture people tend to forget that just south of Texas is the beautifully blue Gulf of Mexico. Texas is full of awesome beaches and South Padre Island is said to be the best. Every spring break college students from around the country flock there to party. South Padre is a beach lovers dream. You can see spectacular views from on top the Port Isabel Light House. Go 50 miles per hour on super fast speed boats. Shop at the Lighthouse Square Mercado. Hangout at the bar at the famous Pier 19. You can even go skydiving and land on the beach. Or you can just chill beachside and catch some rays, whatever you want it’s there

Bars to go to: Tequila Sunset, Clayton’s Beach Bar, Coral Reef Lounge, Kelly’s Irish Pub

South Beach 

Miami, Florida

South Beach has always been the “hip spot” to be in Miami. It’s a glamorous scene with top tier celebrity chef restaurants, exclusive night clubs, art museums and high-end fashion designer shops. Its beaches are always full with beautiful, perfectly tanned people. The nightlife  there is arguably the best in the country. South beach is the ultimate party beach destination.

Bars and clubs to go to: STORY Nightclub, LIV, Wall Lounge, Kill Your Idol