WTF: Most Expensive Couches in the World


Ever since the invention of money there has been rich people. A lot of rich people (not all) like to remind others and themselves that they are indeed rich. “Status Symbols” is what the term is called to describe these objects rich people spend exuberant amount of money on. You got houses, cars, yachts, private jets, clothes, accessories, etc… they are all on this list. So if I were to tell you about all the expensive a** couches there are in this world, it wouldn’t shock you that some people would actually spend that much cheddar on a freaking couch. Well maybe think again…


Ron Arad’s Stainless Steel Sofa 


steel sofa 2_goog.jpg

Created by the award winning, British/Israeli, industrial designer Ron Arad, the most expensive couch in the world is made from stainless steel? Now don’t get me wrong, stainless steel looks really good, especially when it’s perfectly polished but I would think you would want your couch to be comfortable. But it turns out this couch was never meant to be furniture, instead it’s a piece of art according to the Modern Art scene. It’s been in the New York Modern Art Museum since 2009 and is valued at $300,000. Maybe a Kardashian will buy it one day so they can always look at themselves while they sit down. 

Onyx Sofa by Peugeot


Designed by the French automotive company Peugeot, the Onyx Sofa looks pretty bad a**. It’s 3 meters long and made from carbon fibre (a common material in luxury car design) and Volvic Volcanic lava stone. That’s a really random duo of materials to work with but I got to admit it looks good. What’s also really cool is the French people have been using Volvic Volcanic lava stone as a building material in their architecture for hundreds of years now. With carbon fiber being a relatively newly invented composite, it’s cool they combined the old with the new. But to be honest this looks more like a bench than a sofa. If you like it you can have the company make you one for $185,000.

Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa


Finally we have a sofa on the list that actually looks comfortable. But would you want to sit on diamonds? I guess it doesn’t really matter if they are small enough but hopefully they aren’t easy to pull out. We all have that one friend we don’t completely trust. Plume Blanche is a luxury French interior designer company and their Diamond Encrusted Sofa was a limited edition item. It was made out of Mahogany wood with a lacquer finish, high quality leather and authentic diamonds “scattered all around the body of the sofa.”  There’s no doubt the couch is dope but to think it cost more than a lot of American’s homes is pretty nuts. 

Esmaralda Sofa by Colombo Stile commissioned by Michael Jackson


This crazy looking couch was ordered by the legendary singer Michael Jackson to be a set piece for his “This is it” tour he was going to do before he died in 2009. The couch costed him somewhere in the ballpark of $215,000 but it was auctioned for about 100,000 dollars less. The sofa is made from carved mahogany wood, Medicean hard stone, red velvet and 24 karat gold. It was designed by famous designer Giovanni Maria Malerba di Busca and handmade in Italy by luxury furniture makers Colombo Stile. It’s absolutely huge. It sits nine people. 

Peter O'Melia