10 Hilarious Weatherman Fails


Weatherman Only Has One Thing On His Mind

In 2008, this weatherman was super excited about the Minnesota Vikings NFL trade for Defensive End, Jared Allen. In his excitement he said something he probably instantly regretted. Or maybe he was just coming out with his true feelings towards his co-anchor. Either way it’s one big fail. 

Tight Fitting Suit

This next weatherman had a sort of wardrobe malfunction on live tv. Unfortunately, it’s not as sexy as it sounds. However, it is a pretty embarrassing fail seen now by millions of people. 

Weatherman Freaks Out

This next clip comes to us from a little place known as Florida, where all sorts of whacky stuff seems to come from. This weatherman sure looks the part, he’s got a nice suit, clean shaven face and a fresh haircut. It’s too bad he can’t get through his weather segment.  

Weatherman With Tourettes

Matt, the weatherman on News Channel 2 on Fox did not have a good night. We’re not entirely sure what happened. Either he flubbed his lines and got frustrated or he suffers from a disease that could cause him to swear uncontrollably. Either way the face he makes at the end hopefully won his boss over to keep his job. 


Weather Woman vs. Spider

So, it’s no secret that women are not particularly fond of our eight legged friend, the spider. Especially Kristi Gordon, who is the meteorologist for Global BC. She was unexpectedly visited by one of the creepy crawlies during one of her live reports at noon. Her funny reaction went viral online. 

Weatherman Has to Go #2

You got to feel sorry for this guy in the next video. Sometimes our bodies are a little unpredictable and an emergency happens. We’ve all been there and if anyone says they haven’t, then they are lying.   But this guy is probably the only person to ever have to run off a news weather set to drop the kids off at the pool. If you get what I am saying. 

Weatherman Can’t Stop Laughing

Usually, between commercial breaks on live tv, the news anchors just wait patiently until they are given the signal they are back on the air again. Well, I guess something happened in between commercial break in this news room. The news anchors can’t stop laughing about it. 

Weatherman Brags About Size

When it comes to people who speak in front of a camera for a living they usually have the gift of gab. This essentially means that they are good at talking, they can ab lib funny things and be witty sometimes. In this next clip, that’s what this weatherman thought he was doing but it came off in a totally different way. I’m sure his boss had a meeting with him later when he was off air. Luckily, it made it to the Internet for our amusement. 

Weatherman Gives Finger

This BBC weatherman thought the camera wasn’t on him when he made a gesture at his co-anchor. Thousands of live viewers got to see the sort of rapport co-workers had at the BBC news station towards one another. It’s good to see that the people on TV are only humans too. 

Weatherman Attacked Live On Air

Steve Jacobs, the weatherman for Channel Nine’s Today Show, in Australia, was doing a report at a local zoo about pelicans before his national weather report. He introduced the pelican, a massive bird with a bigger mouth, as Marnie then gave his attention to reading the weather report the show’s viewers. That’s when things turned for the worse and Steve became the butt of the joke.