10 Creepy Subliminal Messages In Disney Movies


The Lion King 

“The Word”

One of the Disney classics, The Lion King is beloved by both kids and adults. In a scene a grown up Simba walks over to a cliff and then flops downs on his stomach. This action sends a cloud of dust up into the air to then dissipate. But while the dust particles are swirling around in the air the letters S-E-X appear then disappear quickly. Legend has it that a four year old boy was the first person to see the word and told his mother about it. The mother then got in contact with the religious organization called the American Life League, who already were spreading the word that Disney films had sexual messaging hidden in their films to corrupt children. Someone then tracked down the original animator on the film named Tom Sito and asked him about it. He said yes there is a hidden message but its not sex, the dust spelled out S-F-X as a tribute for the special effects department in the film.  Going back and re-watching the scene again after knowing the SFX bit, it does make sense. Disney might be off the hook for this one, but there are plenty more accusations to come. 

“Simba’s Nose”

The next creepy subliminal message found in a Disney film was on the re-release movie poster for The Lion King in 2002. This time people wanted to see it in Imax! On the poster we unsurprisingly see Simba. Duh, he’s the main character in the film, of course he’s on the poster. Just stare at his nose for a bit and see if you can see something else. This phenomenon is called a multi-stable image, where there are two different subjects in the same image, but your brain can only see one at a time. Simba’s nose is also a woman wearing a thong showing off what the good Lord gave her. Hopefully children looking at the poster couldn’t spot it, but I bet it got a lot of Dads to look twice. 

lion king poster_goog.jpg



“Turn the volume way up”

Aladdin came out in 1992 and was a major success for Disney. It made lots of money in theaters and even more money when it came out on video. Now with the power in their own hands, people could watch the film over and over again. It wasn’t long until a rumor about a dirty line Aladdin says to Jasmine began circulating word of mouth. This was before everyone had the internet, but they did have VHS players that had the ability to rewind. In the scene where Aladdin, in the guise of Prince Ali, flies up to Jasmine’s balcony on his magic carpet to talk with her. He is greeted by Jasmine’s pet tiger who growls at him for the intrusion. Aladdin tries to shoo the tiger away with his turban as Jasmine looks out to see what is going on. This is supposedly when Aladdin, under his breath, whispers “good teenagers take off your clothes.” When Disney heard about it they made a statement saying the line is actually “C’mon…good kitty. Take off and go.”  And they have always maintained their position since. But after listening to it again and again it really does sound like “take off your clothes.” Some people claim it’s even in a different voice. You can be the judge for yourself. 


The Little Mermaid

“The Castle Spire”

In The Little Mermaid’s promotional artwork there is a golden castle in the background. If you look close enough, one of the castle spires in the middle resembles the male member really well. In 1990, a woman in Phoenix, Arizona bought The Little Mermaid VHS tape from a local grocery store but returned it complaining that there was “a penis on its cover.” The media got a hold of the story and it took off from there. A rumor got started that a disgruntled Disney employee who was in charge of drawing the castle was going be laid off once the assignment was completed. In a last “F you” to Disney he drew the phallus in on purpose. What really happened is the artist who drew the castle spire did not intend it to look like a dick. It was a complete accident that it does. He said that he was running behind on his drawing and drew it at 4 am. Perhaps he was just tired and that’s why it turned out like that. Whichever it is, it certainly looks like what it looks like. 


The Little Mermaid 

“The Happy Minister”

This subliminal message is especially creepy because it involves a Bishop. In the scene where the evil Ursula is tricking Prince Eric into marrying her we see a Bishop giving the ceremony. As the couple approach the Bishop it seems that he gets aroused for a moment. It’s really creepy when you see it. However, the original animator who did that specific scene at Disney says that it is actually the Bishop’s knee that pokes out through his robes. The whole joke is that the Bishop is a very short man in really baggy robes. Idk, that’s a really pointy knee if you ask me. 


Mickey Mouse: Bladid

“Mickey’s Hand”

Since we are already on the topic of phalluses, we’ll continue on with this next subliminal message from Disney. In an old European cartoon magazine Mickey and Minnie Mouse appear to be hugging each other. It’s innocent enough, they are Disney’s original power couple. However, years and years later after its release the internet noticed that the European artists for this magazine might have pulled a fast one. Minnie’s dress looks just a penis and with Mickey’s hand hugging her the whole thing looks wrong. 

mickey mouse bladid.jpg


Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

The Car Crash” 

During a scene of the live action/animation film Who Framed Roger Rabbit? a car crash occurs and the audience gets a little more than they bargained for. Two characters from the movie, Jessica Rabbit and Eddie Valiant, get thrown out of the car. While Jessica Rabbit is flying through the air we can see that she isn’t wearing anything under her dress. It seems she went commando that day.  It’s suppose to be the worse in the Laser Disc version.



“The Muses Sing”

This one is very similar to the Jessica Rabbit wardrobe malfunction. In Hercules, while the Muses are singing “Zero to Hero” the robe of one Muses flies up as she sings “is he bold!” Again Disney put in a female character that doesn’t like to wear underwear. 



“Hercules vs Nessus”

In the scene where Hercules defeats Nessus the Centaur, some unwanted imagery shows up. After Hercules punches Nessus, a horseshoe hits the Centaur on the head  to cause a very phallic shaped bump to grow. It even appears that his eyebrows shift to look like a pair of testicles. The worst part is Hercule’s horse Pegasus then blows on him to make the Centaur fall over. Sorry, you can’t unsee it when you’ve seen it. 

It happens at 2:17


The Rescuers 

“The Apartment Window”

Approximately 38 minutes into the film, Bianca and Bernard fly through the city in a sardine can on top of a bird, the image of a topless woman can be seen in two different frames in the background in the apartment windows. Disney claims the images were not placed in the frame by their animators, but were inserted during the post-production process later when the film was re-released. Disney even had to recall a whole bunch of tapes with the nude lady in them. I bet some parents were pissed!