Funny Graduation Fails


I know it may be surprising, given how idiotic kids can appear to be on the internet, but they continue to graduate. With the education and skills they have learned, students head off into the big bad world to survive and thrive! Too bad they’re probably in a ton of debt from their education and their choice of majoring in Women’s Studies probably won’t get them a solid 9 to 5. But at least they get to go to a 3 hour long ceremony in a funny outfit (that tuition won’t cover the cost of) and get to walk on a stage when their name is called out. Sounds like a blast but thankfully every year there is at least one crazy kid who has the need to be the center of attention and their graduation ceremony is no exception. Here are some funny graduation fails for you to enjoy. 


Wait For It

The fail below isn’t the person’s fault. They weren’t trying to be funny or cause attention to themselves. But unfortunately they got it anyway. 


Shake It Off

In this graduation clip below a girl gets her diploma, shakes the hands of her teachers then does a celebration dance like she just scored a touchdown. Some people might say that Karma caught up to her that day.


Bye Bye

Being the center of attention can be nerve racking for some people. If only for a very short period of time. Nervousness can really cause our bodies to do weird things. Like forget how to walk properly for example. 


The Struggle Is Real

Another tough thing about being a woman, besides child birth, is being able to wear and walk in high heels. It must take some time getting use to. 


Can’t Walk In Heels

Walking in high heels is tough enough on a hard surface like tile or cement. Trying to walk on the soft grass in pointy stilettos is taking it to a whole new level. 


Falling Down

This girl holds the Guinness world record for the “longest time it takes to fall over”. The audience in this clip is hilarious too! 


Back Flip Fail

This guy had it in his mind that he was going to wow every person in that auditorium. That from that day forward he would be a god among men. He would go down in the history of badass-ness in graduation videos. When the video would hit the internet he would become an instant viral celebrity and move out to Hollywood for a life of glamour and riches. Well, too bad he couldn’t pull it off. 


And Another One

When you try to attempt a back flip at your graduation and fail, they’re going to be a lot of people that will laugh at you. However, if you make it on the Steve Harvey show because of it then you can’t call it a failure can you? 


And She’s Gone

In this next video the graduate wasted no time in leaving high school. She got her diploma and booked it out. And when you find out the reason why, you would probably do the same thing too. 


Angry Principal

This Principal had a really bad day at this graduation ceremony. She intervened when some people were leaving while the Valedictorian was trying to give his speech. What she said though was entirely a major fail once you hear it. 

Peter O'Melia