UFO’s Caught On Video


Mariana UFO Incident

Location: Great Falls, Montana

The Mariana UFO incident is believed to be one of the first ever filmed events that would later be called “unidentified flying objects.” It happened in August of 1950 in Great Falls, Montana. Nick Mariana, the general manager of the minor league baseball team, the Great Falls Electrics, and his secretary were inspecting the ball field in the Legion Stadium before a game. Mariana then spotted a bright flash in the sky and saw two silvery objects flying through the sky very fast at like 200-400mph. Mariana then ran to his car and got his 16mm camera and filmed the two UFO’s for 16 seconds. After hearing about the event on the news the US Air Force, specifically the Wright Patterson Air Force base, did an investigation. They concluded that the objects were just reflections of two F-94 fighter jets flying the area. A controversy arose when Mariana accused the Air Force of stealing the first 35 frames of his film, where he thinks it clearly showed the UFO’s as “rotating discs.” Some people he knew in Great Falls testified on Mariana’s behalf, saying they saw the frames too and they were gone. The Air Force of course denied tampering with the film. In 1955, Cosmopolitan magazine came out with an article that was very skeptical to Mariana’s beliefs about the UFO’s. Mariana was so offended he filed a law suit for slander but later the case was dropped. In 1956, a documentary about the incident was wrapping production and the science and engineering expert the film hired to investigate the footage said that the theory of the two fighter jet reflections was “very strained.” The footage had been investigated by many more experts in the field and no one can agree what exactly it is. In 2008 the baseball team was renamed to the Great Falls Voyagers in honor of the Mariana UFO incident. 

The Phoenix Lights

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Occurring on March 13, 1997, the Phoenix Lights is a series of widely seen UFO’s in the night skies of the two US states Nevada and Arizona, as well as Sonora, Mexico. The lights were spotted by thousands of people as they headed south from Nevada to the edge of Tucson in Southern Arizona. There were two main incidents that stood out during the event. One was a triangular formation of bright lights passing over the state of AZ and the second was stationary lights appearing over the city of Phoenix and just hovering for awhile. Witnesses said they observed a huge space ship thing in the shape of a carpenter’s-square with five lights or possibly engines. Even the Arizona State Governor at the time, Fife Symington said the object was “otherworldly.” The US Air Force came out with a statement saying that the lights stationary over Phoenix were flares dropped by a A-10 Warthog airplane, that was doing an exercise at the Goldwater Air Force range located in southwest AZ. Many who saw the UFO think the Air Force is covering something up. 

UFO Spotted Over Leeds

Location: Leeds England

A strange circular UFO was filmed May 27th, 2018, passing over Leeds, England. It appeared to have no wings and made no noise, as it moved roughly like 300 meters from the ground. James Goldman captured the UFO on his smartphone. He explained in an interview with the website Mirror Tech: “It definitely wasn’t a plane and it was too low to be a satellite. I know what drones look like and it just wasn’t a drone either. I doubt it was a military craft because they wouldn’t be flying something like that over a populated area.” Goldman saw the object around 10:30 pm and he estimates it was going speeds of like 200kph (124mph). Which would rule out a drone. “It was much clearer with the eye than with what the camera has captured,” said Goldman. “After I stopped recording it continued to move at a 45-degree angle upwards and disappeared in the distance. It didn’t blink out suddenly or anything like that, it just petered out into the distance.” 

Department of Defense UFO Footage

On December 17, 2017, The New York Times ran an article that exposed a secret government program that was investigating UFO’s and if they had anything extraterrestrial about them. The program was called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. It ran from 2007 and ended in 2012 with a budget of 22 million dollars of American’s hard earned tax money. It’s findings didn’t exactly prove anything to be sincerely out of this world, but the program did declassify three videos to show the public incidents of strange UFO’s Navy pilots had encountered. Below are two of them. Watch them and you can be the judge. 

International Space Station UFO’s

Location: 248 miles above Earth

There’s probably no better spot to catch a UFO sighting than on the live stream from the ISS in space. According to many people there already has been. UFOlogist and YouTube user Spacecap 1 has posted multiple videos where he thinks UFO’S were present on the live stream. There could be a lot normal explanations for these “objects” that become visible on the feed. They could be a comet, an astroid, a satellite, another country’s space station, a piece of space debris, a bit of dust on the lens or even a light reflection from somewhere. All of those are fine explanations, the only weird thing is that on more than one occasion when these “UFO’s” appear, the feed goes out or cuts to Nasa employees on the ground. You can watch and judge for yourself. 

Here’s another possible UFO sighting on the ISS live feed. Again the camera cuts to something else.


Location: our solar system

Scientists were super happy but pretty surprised to detect, for the first time, an interstellar asteroid (from another solar system) passing through our solar system. Or what they think is an asteroid. The object is cigar-shaped with a reddish hue. Nasa named the asteroid, “Oumuamua”, which in Hawaiian means scout or messenger. It is up to one-quarter mile long and highly-elongated. It is calculated to being around 10 times as long as it is wide. That is unlike any asteroid or comet observed in our solar system to date. Furthermore, it has shown some bizarre characteristics that have had astrophysicists puzzled to what exactly it is. There was even a theory from Harvard scientists saying that it could be an alien artificial craft of some sort. Too bad this isn’t a popular theory in the community but there’s no doubt that this flying object is from another solar system and is pretty strange.