The Ultimate Frat Movies


Animal House

Animal House is about the misadventures of Delta Tau Chi, the fraternity of losers, misfits, and trouble makers at Faber College. With a rival fraternity president and the Dean of the college plotting their expulsion, the men of Delta Tau Chi continue to throw huge parties, pull pranks and not get any school work done. Starring the iconic John Belushi, this movie is not for the easily offended. Animal House mainstreamed the “gross out” film genre which comprises of toilet humor, nudity, and offensive material.  The “gross out” film genre would later include films like American Pie, The Hangover, and Jack Ass. 



Neighbors is a hilarious film about a young married couple adjusting to their lives as parents, when a full on Fraternity moves next door to them. At first their relationship goes well. The couple promises to call the Frat if there are noise complaints instead of the cops. The Frat brothers invite the married couple to one of their parties to have some fun and let loose from “adult” life. However, the relationship becomes sour after the couple calls the police for an anonymous complaint. The Frat plays pranks on the couple to make their life hell and move away, while the married couple try to get the Frat in trouble with their university based on their “three strike” rule. Neighbors stars Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne as the married couple and Zac Efron, Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as the frat brothers. It was released May of 2014. Its budget was $18 million and it made $270.7 million in the Box Office. 


Old School

Old School is about an attorney named Mitch Martin, who breaks up with his girlfriend for hosting an orgy while he was away on a business trip. Mitch then buys a house on the local college campus in his town. Mitch and his friend Bernard, who is bored of his married life, decide to throw a huge house warming party and invite all the students. After the party is a huge success, the Dean of the college (who Mitch and his friends use to bully as kids) tells Mitch he must move out because the house is exclusively for campus living only. To stay, Mitch and his friends turn the house into a legitimate frat house. With an awesome cast that consists of Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, Luke Wilson and Jeremy Piven, Old School has become a cult comedy classic. It’s a fun film with outrageous hazing scenes, K&Y wrestling, and Will Ferrell’s bare ass in a streaking scene. 


National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

Starring the hilarious Ryan Reynolds (DeadPool), Van Wilder is about a seventh year college senior who is way more interested in partying than going to class. However, his father has had enough of his antics and completely cuts off his finances. Having no way to pay for his tuition, Van Wilder gets hired to throw parties for the less popular Greek houses on campus. Intrigued by this, Gwen Pearson, a journalism major, writes a story about Van Wilder’s campus lifestyle. The two begin to form a love interest. Seeing a bond growing between them, Richard “Dick” Bagg (Gwen’s douchebag boy friend) tries to sabotage their relationship. If you’re a fan of Ryan Reynolds (who isn’t?) this film will not disappoint. 



PCU is an American comedy co written by Zak Penn (The Avengers) about student life at the fictional college Port Chester University. The administration there has outlawed Greek life, driving the fraternities underground (figuratively not literally). To get the residents of the biggest party house on campus evicted, the president of the college serves them with a huge damage bill from their last semester. With no ways of paying it, the house members decide to throw a party to raise the funds. This film pokes fun at the pretentiousness of political correctness when it becomes forced down peoples throats. It stars the very funny David Spade (Tommy Boy), Jeremy Piven (Entourage), Jessica Walters (Archer) and John Favreau (Chef). There is even a performance by the legendary George Clinton and the Parliament-Funkadelic.  


Monster’s University 

If you haven’t seen Pixar’s Monster’s University I highly recommended it. It’s the prequel to original smash hit, Monster’s Inc. Where we find out how Mike and Sulley (movie’s most lovable monsters) met. Spoiler alert, it’s in college at the prestigious Monster’s University, where the best “scarers” are trained. However, at the end of their first semester they both get kicked out of the scare program by the Dean of the University. To get back in they wager the Dean that if they win the University's annual “scare games” (scare competition between all the Fraternities) then they must be accepted back into the scare program.  But, if they lose then they are expelled for good. It’s an awesome adventure comedy about friendship, forgiveness and teamwork. Don’t knock it just because it’s a kid’s movie, adults love it too. 


Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds is a cult classic sex comedy that came out in 1984. It’s about a group of nerds at the fictional Adam’s College who form their own fraternity after being rejected by all the others. To stop the incessant bullying from the jock fraternity the nerds vow to win the Greek games during Homecoming week. The plot is similar to Monsters University but this is NOT a kid’s movie.  With partying, binge drinking, drug use, nudity and sex being prevalent throughout the plot, this film isn’t exactly considered “family friendly”. 

Peter O'Melia