10 Ultimate Gameshow Fails


“One and Done” 

A sweet lady with the strange but cool name, Lovi Yu, appeared on the trivia game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire on January 19, 2010. She sat down and was read the first question for $500. Usually the early questions are pretty easy to get that most kids and teenagers could win the money. But Lovi must of had a brain fart or something because her answer was completely and worst, embarrassedly dead wrong. 


“Perfect For Each Other” 

The Newlywed Game is a famous American television game show that started in the 1960’s and has had a variant of the show every decade since. The show works by having four newly wed couples play against each other by answering questions to see if they really know their spouse well or not. They each have to predict how their spouse would answer personal questions. If they both say the same answer then they win points. Sometimes the answers can be revealing or a bit embarrassing, making great tv. The show is famous for its catchphrase “making whoopee” instead of saying “having sex”. At first it was said for censorship laws back in the day, but they kept using it because it was just funny to say. In the clip below this couple is perfect for each other because they both appear to be not that smart but it works out for them in the end.


“Like Father, Like Son”

One of America’s favorite game shows, “Family Feud” has been around since 1976 and has had a variety of hosts from Richard Dawson to Ray Combs to Steve Harvey. Tons of the nation’s families have gone on to compete to become a little bit richer. Some succeeded and some have failed horribly, having everyone at home see how smart they really are. This clip below comes from the early era of the show. A father and son compete in the Fast Money Bonus Round for a chance ti win it all. However, both of their answers for the same simple question are freaking hilarious. They both seemed to forget how to count and their first grade biology. 


“What is the age of consent”

In April, 2015 a man named Tom Imler was a contestant on perhaps the most famous trivia game show ever, Jeopardy. All was going fine, until he gave the most creepiest answer ever to be given in the show’s history. He made a simple mistake, he didn’t even realize he said anything awkward until his friend texted him saying he was the number one trending video on the popular website Reddit. Watch the clip below and you will understand why. 

The correct answer is “what is puberty.”


“Ur Pen15”

A fast money bonus round on Family Feud went from bad to worst when a lady named Secile stepped up to Steve Harvey to help her family win the $20,000. Her partner before her was only able to score 23 points so Secile would need to score a whopping 177 points to win. But her answer to the first question stopped the whole game as Steve Harvey went into shock by what she said. 


“I haven’t had to do a thing”

On November 1st, 2000, a contestant named Daniel on the game show The Price Is Right had probably one of the luckiest and laziest days of his life. He was the first person to guess the closest amount to the actual price of a product shown, so he got to play the first game. He was playing to win a shredder, a range (oven&stove) and a new van. The game was called “10 chances” where Daniel had to guess the correct numbers for each price of his prizes. Except, the prices were already correctly shown when the host Bob Barker revealed them. This meant the game show employees were the ones who failed in this situation and Daniel won everything without having "to do a thing.” Another funny thing is that later in the show Daniel made it to the final round without having to do anything either, because the people before him went over one dollar on the showcase wheel so he automatically went to “the showcase showdown”. 


“Starts with the letter H” 

On Family Feud, the Fisher family was battling the Flowers family when it was Anthony Fisher’s turn to answer the survey’s question. His family had two strikes already but if his answer was right then his family would win the game. Steve Harvey asked the question “give me a boy’s name that starts with the letter H” to which Anthony shouted his answer clearly and confidently. Watch Steve Harvey’s reaction below. 


“Weirdest place to make whoopee” 

Back in 1977, the host of the Newlywed game show asked the question to a group of wives; “what is the weirdest place you’ve had the urge to make whoopee?” What he was asking them was where is the strangest location they wanted to have sex with their husband. This wife didn’t understand what he was getting at and revealed a little too much about her sexual relationship with her husband. The host and everyone’s reaction is priceless. They didn’t air the clip because of censorship reasons but it was shown to a television audience in 2002 on a NBC special called the Most Outrageous Gameshow Moments.  

“On the spot dice-spin” 

In 2014, Wheel of Fortune contestant Julian had not 1 but 3 big time fails. On his first fail, he had the whole puzzle solved he just needed to say it to get his prize of 1 million dollars! But he flubbed the pronunciation of a Greek Mythological character and the points went to the chick next to him. His 7th grade social studies teacher would be disappointed, heck, we all are disappointed. 

In his 2nd fail, Julian almost had the whole puzzle solved, he was just two letters away. He also picked up the two 1/2 car tiles on his spins, meaning if he got it the puzzle right he would win a car. But you know that this doesn’t have a happy ending. He chose the wrong letter and the person next to him solved the puzzle easily.  Once you look more closely at what letters were already on the board (I’m talking about R & T) it’ll make you scratch your head why Julian asked for “C”. Unless he thought it was “The World’s Fastest Cab” which wouldn’t make sense either with “person” being the clue. This is the second easy one Julian has dropped. 

Julian’s third fail is the worst because what he says just doesn’t make any sense at all. He’s just making up words at this point. His on-the-spot decision of what the answer is, was the wrong one. The funny thing is Julian ended up winning anyways. The two girls that were his opponents couldn’t keep up, even with picking up his easy rebounds. Gotta cut the guy some slack for that at least. 


“What is Q-Pine!?”

We have to end with a hilarious fail on Family Feud, not only because it is the most ridiculous but because Steve Harvey gives the best reactions to people’s silly answers. This one comes from the Brown family when Will Brown answers the question “name something that follows the word pork?” It causes Steve Harvey to stop in his tracks, think about it a moment and shout “this is the greatest answer I’ve ever heard!”