Celebrities Wasted On Tv


James Franco 

MTV interview

The first celebrity in our wasted series is James Franco from back in 2007. When the world knew him mostly as Harry Osborn, the son of The Green Goblin from the Toby Maguire Spiderman series. In the video below Franco was giving an interview to MTV News when he was on the set of the mockumentary film Finishing the Game. Franco’s focus about the questions seemed a little slow and at times he looks confused, spacey and giggly. Maybe he was just method acting because he was just about to get ready to film Pineapple Express, where his character, Saul is the always stoned pot head. 


Tracy Morgan

El Paso local news morning interview

Tracy Morgan is a comedian and actor best known for being on Saturday Night Live and playing a caricature of himself in the tv series 30 Rock. When Tracy was on tour for his comedy he appeared on a morning local news show in El Paso, Texas to promote his shows. He was also still a little drunk from the night before, when he hit up a strip club in the area. The interview very quickly got derailed but in a good way. Tracy started raving about how he loved the ladies in El Paso and that “someone might get pregnant.” The news anchor and crew could barley keep their composure they were laughing so hard. Tracy ends up taking off his shirt and performing a “mating call.” The whole scene became an epic moment for Tracy and the internet. 


James Brown

1988 CNN interview

James Brown gave the most legendary interview CNN has probably ever gotten before. If you don’t know who James Brown is, he is one of the most major musical voices of the 20th century. He had 17 number 1 singles and is considered the “Godfather of Soul.” So in 1988, when he was giving this interview to CNN he was suppose to talk about and give his statement about a nasty divorce he was going through. Either he completely forgot or he didn’t want to, he certainly took the reins away from the interviewer and talked about what he wanted or just sung his own lyrics. Rumor has it that James liked to partake in the “booger sugar” from time to time and this seems like one of those times. 

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd

I Love You Man interview

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd were the hilarious duo in the bro-mantic comedy film I love You Man and apparently they are hilarious together in real life as well. Or they both had some “special brownies” for breakfast before doing their scheduled press junket. Or both. The interview below is 7 minutes but all of it is pure comedy gold. The two actors play off each other so well, its really entertaining to watch. Who cares if they are high or not.   

Elizabeth Taylor

 58th Golden Globe Awards 

In January 2001, one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses of its classical era in the 1950’s, Elizabeth Taylor, was a chosen presenter at the 58th Golden Globe Awards. She obviously had maybe one too many cocktails when she almost read the winner before she read off the nominees for Best Motion Picture Drama. She was in the middle of opening up the envelope before the host of the event, Dick Clark had to stop her. She was definitely a little tipsy but the whole scene was really cute as Elizabeth Taylor has been one of the most charming people to have ever worked in Hollywood. 

Johnny Depp 

18th Hollywood Film Awards 

In 2014, it was the first year the Hollywood Film Awards were ever televised. I don’t know why people want to see more of Hollywood giving itself awards but that’s another topic for a different article. Johnny Depp, famous for playing the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, stepped up to the microphone to present the best documentary from that year. He stopped and drunkenly stared at the microphone. “That’s the weirdest microphone I’ve ever seen” he protested out loud. He then looked up and remembered where he was. His presentation didn’t really get much better from there. Depp was pretty wasted as he slurred his way to the end of his time on stage but he’s made Hollywood a couple billion dollars so I doubt they care much. 


Anna Nicole Smith

2004 American Music Awards

Anna Nicole Smith was a model, turned actress, turned reality star. She was known for having some pretty erratic behavior sometimes. She was never afraid of spectacle, she married the 89 year old business magnate billionaire J. Howard Marshall when she was just in her 20’s. In 2004, during the American Music Awards, Anna Nicole Smith’s job was to introduce Kanye West right before he performed one of his early songs live. She strutted up to the podium like she owned the place then completely botched the job. She appears to be on a wide host of substances but she claims she was completely sober, just a bit sleep deprived from being sick the night before. 



Too Late with Adam Corolla

This is by far the worst clip of a celebrity being wasted on camera. Steve-O, known for his Jackass antics like drinking a beer bong through his a$$, was completely blacked-out during his appearance on the Comedy Central show Too Late with Adam Corolla. Steve-O was so gone during the show everything he said was pretty much inaudible. Adam Corolla was a good sport about it until he couldn’t be anymore. Unfortunately, this was a dark time during Steve-O’s life when he was a drug addict but since then he has been living clean and sober.