Celebrities With Criminal Records


Matthew McConaughey 

Arrested for: drug possession

Matthew McConaughey.jpg

In 1999, the cops were called to McConaughey’s Texas home because he was being too loud. The cops raided his house and found him playing the bongos naked while another man clapped along. McConaughey was booked on suspicion of possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting transportation. Apparently McConaughey ignored the police’s request for him to put on pants and he shoved an officer who was trying to get him into the police cruiser. The Oscar-winning actor had to spend 9 hours in jail before he was released on a 1,000 dollar bond. The drug charges were eventually dropped but he had to pay $50 for the noise complaint. 


Will Smith 

Arrested for: Criminal Conspiracy & Aggravated Assault

Will smith.jpg

In 1989, Will Smith spent a night in jail after he was arrested in connection for an assault that left a record promoter blind in one eye. Apparently Will Smith got into an argument with the record producer and asked his body guard to beat him up. The incident happened in Philadelphia just one day before Will Smith got his first Grammy Award. The charges were eventually dropped and Smith still retains his innocence. 


Marilyn Manson 

Arrested for: Criminal Sexual Conduct

marilyn manson .jpg

The dark lord of goth rock, Marliyn Manson is well known for his racy stage antics. It’s part of the experience when you go see an act like his. In 2001, his shock rock landed him in big trouble. Manson was performing while only wearing a G-string.  He walked up to a security guard, who’s back was turned to him, spat on him then rubbed his genitals on his head. Two weeks later the Oakland County prosecutor’s office released a statement. “These acts are sexual and physical assaults on an unsuspecting individual whose job was to protect the performers. This disgusting display and conduct cannot go unrecognized, and for those reasons these charges are issued.” 


Woody Harrelson

Arrested for: disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in 1982 

Woody harrelson.jpg

Woody Harrelson was arrested in 1982 for disorderly conduct when he was found by cops dancing in the streets. When he wouldn’t stop or cooperate they tacked on the charge of resisting arrest as well. Harrelson avoided jail time by paying a fine. 

Arrested for: cultivating marijuana in 1996 

In 1996, Harrelson was arrested for cultivating marijuana after he planted industrial hemp seeds in Kentucky. Harrelson planted the seeds to protest the state law that did not recognized the difference between industrial hemp and Marijuana. He was released on $200 the same day and was later acquitted. 

Arrested for: police chase in 2002 

In 2002, Harrelson was arrested in London after an incident in a taxi that ended in a police chase. He was taken into custody but later released on bail. The case was later dismissed and Harrelson had to pay the taxi driver $844. This event was the inspiration for the film Lost in London


Danny Trejo 

Arrested for: armed robberies, various drug offenses

Danny Trejo.jpg

Danny Trejo is known in Hollywood for playing bad guys. He’s really good at it because that was his life before he got clean and became an actor. Throughout his life Danny has spent 11 years in prison for various crimes. He grew up in a tough neighborhood, joined a local gang and got addicted to drugs as a kid. All of that changed when he was offered a role as an extra in a prison scene.  Then he was hired to train an actor how to box because he was a champion in prison. Since then he has grown into a seasoned actor with lots of movies under his belt.


Carmen Electra

Arrested for: simple battery

carmen electra.jpg

Carmen Electra is a model, actress and singer. She was best known for acting on the show Bay Watch. She was married to basketball player Dennis Rodman when they were both arrested in Miami. They went out partying one night, got back to the hotel at 4:30 in the morning when short time later that cops were called over a domestic abuse issue. The couple had a fight where they both sustained minor injuries that didn’t require medical attention. They both were taken down to the domestic violence unit in Miami, several hours later they both left on bail. They were ordered by a county judge to stay 500 feet away from each other. Soon after they got a divorce. 


Robert Downey Jr.

Arrested for: drug intoxication and drug possession 

robert downey jr.jpg

Robert Downey Jr. has had a long and successful film, theater and television career. He is best known for playing Iron Man in the Marvel films. His movies have grossed over 14 billion dollars making him the second highest grossing box office actor world wide. Unfortunately, Robert has had substance abuse problems since he was a kid. His father was a drug addict and that’s how Robert was introduced to that world. Robert has been arrested for being on drugs or being in possession of drugs several times over the years. In 1996, he was arrested for speeding down Sunset boulevard in LA while being high on drugs and having a pistol on him. He received 3 years of probation and had to undergo random drug tests. In 1997, he missed one of his drug tests and had to go to LA County jail for six months. In 1999, Robert missed another drug test and got sentenced to 3 years to a California state prison. He ended only did one year though. In 2001, he was found wandering the city barefoot and arrested on suspicion for being on drugs. He was released a few hours later. He had no charges but the hit TV show he was on at the time decided to write off his character to not deal with his antics anymore. Robert Downey Jr. has had a lot of problems in the past but since then he has certainly done very well for himself. We’re glad he’s been able to overcome his problem. 


Tim Allen 

Arrested for drug trafficking 

tim allen.jpg

Everyone knows Tim Allen as the lovable sitcom dad from Home Improvement and even more recognizable, he provides the voice for Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise. But if you lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and wanted cocaine then you might have known Tim as a drug dealer. In 1978, Allen was arrested in the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport for possession of over 650 grams of cocaine.  He plead guilty to drug trafficking and provided the names and information of other drug dealers to get his sentence down from possible life-in-prison to 3 to 7 years. He ended up getting out of prison in 1981, after serving 2 years and 4 months. After he got out he moved to LA and became a regular performer at the Comedy Store, and the rest is history. 

Peter O'Melia