7 Strangest Video Games of All Time

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Boong Ga Boong Ga

Arcade Game 

Boong Ga Boong Ga, is known in english as Spank ‘em. The object of the game is to punish certain characters by spanking them, literally, attached to the game there’s a pair of legs and a butt. The player spanks it the butt with their hand. Who thought of this? The characters you punish include a gangster, gold digger, hooker, child molester, mother-in-law and of course an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. The game is intended to make the player laugh while relieving stress. Okay, I guess. 

The game gets even weirder. You can also perform points by doing the prank known as “kancho.” Its where someone makes a gun shape with both their hands and then pokes someone else in the butt while yelling kancho! There’s even a controller the player can use mimicking like the gun-shaped hands. At the end of the game the player receives a card explaining their sexual behavior. If the player is good enough, they get a prize which is a plastic piece of poop. 


Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

Sega Genesis & Arcade

This game is more creepy then strange, especially with the newest allegations against Micheal Jackson. In Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker you play as Michael Jackson who’s goal is to save kidnapped kids from the villain Mr Big. You moonwalk your way around the levels and use Jackson’s awesome dance moves take down the bad guys. There’s even a button to do his famous crotch-grab but it doesn’t serve any other purpose. It gets really strange and creepy because when Michael touches the children he regains his health. 


Muscle March

Nintendo WiiWare

photo credit: Mobygames.com

photo credit: Mobygames.com

Muscle March is freaking hilariously weird. You play as a body builder who chases a thief to get your protein powder back. You have the choice between five guy body builders, a girl body builder and a polar bear body builder. I guess for diversity sakes? The game was made for Nintendo WiiWare, so it’s an interactive game to be used with the Wii remote and nanchuk. Like I said before, a thief has stolen your beloved protein powder, so you and three other body builders chase him through the city. The thief will bust through walls in various positions and poses. Using your body and the controllers you have to copy the same pose to go through the hole the thief made to keep chasing him. The three other body builders are running in front of you for some reason, trying to copy the poses as well. The chase speeds up to make it harder but if you’re good enough you will be able to tackle the thief and get your powder back. 

Sneak ‘n Peek

Atari 2600

Sneak ’n Peek came out in 1982 for the Atari 2600. The game is basically just a computerized version of the classic kid’s game hide ’n seek. That’s it. Two players can play or one player versus the computer. It takes place at a large spooky house with a big yard. The house contains three rooms; the living room, the pink room and the blue room. It begins with one player in the living room closing their eyes (player does this in real life too). The other player goes and finds a hiding spot. Each room contains five hiding spots. Once the player chooses a hiding spot they turn invisible. I bet you can guess what happens from there. I don’t know why they would make this game when the real version is like 50 times more fun. 


Sensible Train-Spotting


Sensible Train-Spotting is another strange game you wonder how it got made. If you don’t know what Train-Spotting is, it’s a hobby very similar to birdwatching, except you don’t have to go anywhere. You sit down at the train station and wait. Once you see a train go by you write down its engine number. That’s it. I’m told it’s a British thing. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. 

So, the video game Sensible Train Spotting is exactly that. It’s a train spotting simulator. Except, instead of being at the dangerous train station you can spot trains in the comfort of your own home. That’s why it’s called Sensible Train Spotting. The game is a little more difficult than the real life version. You play as a man sitting on a bench with his thermos at the train-station and watch as several trains go by. You’re given a group of 8 numbers which you have to match to the numbers on the trains. Once you’ve matched all the numbers you can go on to the next “card”. A window appears that reads “Well done my sad friend on to the next card.” As the game goes on the trains go faster and you get more numbers. 


Mister Mosquito


Mister Mosquito was released in 2001 for PS2. In it you play as a mosquito feeding off a family at their summer home. The goal of the game is to suck enough blood to make it through winter. You can’t just suck anyone’s blood though, you’re given specific family members and specific body parts you can suck blood from. Each human has a stress meter, so if you suck too slow or too fast you could get swatted and die. Also, don’t let the humans see you flying around or they’ll try to kill you. To subdue the human you must hit different pressure points on their body to calm them down. Its a pretty strange concept for a video game. Especially because everyone on this planet hates mosquitos. 



Sega Dreamcast


photo credit: gamegrin.com

In 1999, to enter the virtual pet fad at the time, like Tamagotchi and Giga Pets, Sega Dreamcast released a game called Seaman.  In the game you’re responsible to raise a strange creature called a Seaman and learn how to take care of it. The Seaman can talk and you interact with it using a microphone attachment. In the english version the Seaman is voiced by the very famous actor Leonard Nimoy (Spock from Star Trek). It’s safe to say that the Seaman looks extremely creepy. It’s a fish with a human face on it. In fact, they used the face of the game’s producer Yoot Saito. The origins of the Seaman is that the species lived in the Nile river and actually talked to the Egyptians and gave them most of their advanced knowledge. 

The game starts with the player receiving a Seaman egg to care for and hatch. Throughout the Seaman’s life, it’s the players responsibility to help it evolve into different forms until eventually it’s a frog with a human head on it. The player must learn how to properly take care of the Seaman, talk to it and keep it company regularly or it might die. The Seaman will sometimes insult the player. 

When the Japanese version was released it actually sold really well. It was the third best selling game at the time. Since then the game has garnered a cult audience around the world due to the strange and bizarre nature of the game. 

Peter O'Melia