21 Best Animal Photobombs to Ever Happen

seal and penguin photobomb_goog.jpg

“Are ya’ll filming March of Penguins 3!?”

stingray and girls photobomb.jpg

“Why, hello ladies…”

sea turtle & family photobomb_goog.jpg

“Remember guys, not to use plastic straws mmmkay…”

couple and squirrel photobomb.jpg

“Have you guys seen my nut around here?”

cow laughing at horse stuck photobomb_goog.jpg

“Carl’s stuck again!”

horse photobombing little girl.jpg

“She picked out that dress!?”

sinister %22falcor' dog photobomb_goog.jpg

“The hoomans will never know what hit them.”

evil cat photobomb_goog.jpg

“Dis b**** thinks she’s all that.”

cat & dog photobomb.jpg

“Geez, what an attention-whore.”

pug photobombs other dog_goog.jpg

“I’m sorry, I pooped the carpet again.”

fish over diver's head photobomb_goog.jpg

“Who dis guy think he is?”

giraffe photobombing couple.jpg

“Now everyone do a silly face!”


“Hiii got to go byeeee”

llama photobombing family_goog.jpg

“Yo guys, I’m trying to take a selfie here, do u mind?”

kangaroo photobombs_goog.jpg

“Umm lady, who do you know here?”

giraffe photrobombs 2-goog.jpg

“Hey gurl, is that your man?”

dolphin photobombing_goog.jpg

“Come on in, the water’s great!”

whale photobombs_goog.jpg


tropical fish photobombs_goog.jpg

“Oh my god Rebecca, if you do one more duck face…”


“I give it a year tops.”

fish phtobombs kissing couple_goog.jpg

“Eww, get a room you guys.”

Peter O'Melia