Awesome Things Made Entirely From Legos


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LEGO Mustang

Lego mustang.jpg

If you had to sum up America with only one car, it would be the 1960’s Ford Mustang. The Mustang inspired a whole new era of American car design and spawned the muscle and pony cars America is famous for. The Lego Master Builders decided to pay homage to the iconic car so a 1964 Ford Mustang replica was made with just under 200,000 Lego and Duplo bricks. It sits outside of Legoland Florida for both Lego of classic car fans. The massive Lego car is 15 feet long and 4 feet high. It also has working headlights and realistic engine sounds. 


LEGO Velociraptor

LEGO Velociraptor.jpg

There have been a lot of amazing life-size animals made by only Legos. A zoo in Belgium has a whole exhibit of life-size Lego animals on display; lions, polar bears, frogs and even the extinct Dodo Bird. Another extinct creature that was created only using these tiny bricks is the the Lego Velociraptor. Inspired by the Jurassic Park films, the small but ferocious dinosaur took 350 hours to build. It stands 4 feet high, is 12 feet long and is made of 30,000 Lego bricks. It was made by Chris Steininger who is following in his Dad’s footsteps to become a Lego Master Builder. 


LEGO V8 Engine

photo credit: Make Magazine

photo credit: Make Magazine

What’s so cool about Legos is you can create actual functioning mechanical machinery and robotics as well. Instead of just making replicas of things, experienced Lego engineers have produced legitimate working V8 engines. Even the big ones like the 32-valve V8 engine that runs on electricity. It doesn’t have enough juice to power a car but it can other things. This engine is made of 2,862 parts and really works.

Map of Futuristic LEGO Japan

This futuristic map of Japan was built by over 5,000 different Japanese school kids. They all worked on it for a project called Build Up Japan, in the wake of the terrible earthquake and tsunami that rattled their nation in March 2011. The map is built with 1.8 million Lego pieces and was built by kids in six different locations across Japan. The parts were all transported to Tokyo then the entire piece was put on display. It’s a futuristic vision from the children of what one day Japan could look like. 


Life-size LEGO Jesus Statue


Art has really progressed since cavemen doodled on their cave walls. When religion came in the picture humans began replicating their gods in statue form to worship. Art really hit its stride with the sculptures of the higher powers from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, and the Vatican. Whether you like it or not religion is probably the main driving force for how amazing art has become. It might be sort of odd to call a statue of Jesus made entirely from Legos art but just because it’s not made from marble or plaster doesn’t mean it isn’t. I mean, getting the accurate form of Jesus from a bunch of tiny rectangle bricks has to have its challenges. In 2009, a life size replica of Jesus Christ was unveiled in Oensta Gryta Church in Vaesteras , Sweden. The statue stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and was made with 30,000 Legos. It was modeled after a Danish sculpture’s work titled Christus.


Full Scale LEGO Cherry Blossom Tree

cherry blossom tree lego _goog.jpg

Japan is a very popular country to visit. It’s even more popular to visit during the few months a year their Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom. The vibrant colors from the trees light up entire cities. People come from all over the planet to see Japan while this is happening. That’s why it made sense that Lego Master Builders made a full scale replica of one of the famed Cherry Blossoms and put it outside the Legoland in Japan. It’s made from 800,000 Legos and took 6,700 hours to complete. It’s recognized by Guinness World Records as the largest Lego Cherry Blossom Tree on earth and it’s always in bloom.


LEGO Bugatti 

By now most people can recognized a Bugatti super car if they saw one on the streets. They have been widely featured on TV, movies and music videos because its signature look is incredibly unique. Bugatti was the first auto manufacturer to price a car over one million dollars. They took the meaning of the word “status symbol” to a whole new level. So, owning a car like the Bugatti Chiron would certainly make you stand out since they aren’t exactly mass produced, because the normal John Doe doesn’t have over 2.5 million dollars for a vehicle. But imagine having a Bugatti Chiron made from only Legos, then you would truly have a one-of-a-kind car. 

In an incredible show craftsmanship, builders for Lego made a full scale 1:1 working replica of the Bugatti Chiron. They used the LEGO Technic line of bricks for the entire thing except for the steel frame, roll cage, seat belts, wheels and tires. It took over 13,000 hours of hard work to get done, from a team of 16 specialists, including mechanical and electrical experts as well. They first made a 1:8 scale model of the car before they did the full scale one. The engine is made from Legos too and it works. The engine was created from 2,304 Lego Power Function motors found in standard models. It certainly cannot go as fast as a Bugatti, or a bicycle for that matter but its still awesome. It was test driven by Bugatti’s official test driver Andy Wallace, at Volkswagen’s Ehra Lessien test track, then showcased at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.