Most Expensive Cars on the Market in 2019




Bugatti Chiron

$2.9 million

Bugatti Chiron 2.jpg

The Bugatti Chiron is a mid-engine two seater sports car made by the French auto-manufacturer Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S., which is a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. It’s called a mid-engine sports car because it’s engine is placed in between the rear and front axles, behind the passenger seats. The Chiron is a successor to the first car Bugatti created, the Veyron. The Chiron is modeled after Bugatti’s 2015 concept car, the Vision Gran Turismo. It has a 16 cylinder engine with four turbo chargers strapped to that beast and puts out 1,479 horse power. For you out there that don’t know car engines, that’s kind of a lot. It goes 0-60 mph in just 2.4 seconds and can go from 0-124 mph in just 6.5 seconds. If you can’t understand all this confusing car lingo, it means it’s pretty freaking fast. In 2017, the Chiron set the world record at the time reaching 249 mph in just 32.6 seconds. It also took the car 9.2 seconds to stop completely. For the regular “Joe-Schmo” who buys this car, Bugatti electronically limited the top speed for 233-236mph, unless they get their hands on a special key. 


Pininfarina Sergio Ferrari

$3 million

Pininfarina Sergio Ferrari.jpg

The Pininfarina Sergio Ferrari is one of the most exclusive cars to own in the world. Ferrari only made six of them so far and only for customers they specifically handpicked. Technically, it’s still a concept car that was first made and presented in 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show. The car is a tribute to the former chairman of the company and automotive designer, Sergio Pininfarina, who passed away in 2012. The design is inspired by the first concept car Sergio designed, the 1965 Ferrari Dino. The Pininfarina Sergio Ferrari original concept car doesn’t have a roof, a windshield or side mirrors. But it does include two super dope helmets for the riders. But the ones Ferrari built for the road had to have a windshield and side mirrors to make it street legal. Ferrari also added on a removable hardtop. 


Aston Martin Valkyrie

$3.2 million

Aston Martin Valkyrie 2.jpg

The Ashton Martin Valkyrie is a hybrid sports car built by the British auto-manufacturer, Ashton Martin, in collaboration with Red Bull Racing. They wanted to build a Formula 1racing car that can be used both on the track and the road. The car has a 6.5 liter V-12 engine that puts out 1,000 horsies, with a 7 speed paddle shift transmission. This car can go 0-60 mph from a stand still in 2.5 seconds. It is a limited production vehicle. Only 150 have been made. Also, if Ashton Martin finds out an owner bought the car just to sell quickly it for a profit. That person is banned from ever buying an Ashton Martin again. 


Bugatti Veyron Mansory Vivere

$3.4 million

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Bugatti is perhaps the best automaker on the planet that combines both speed and luxury so well. The Bugatti Mansory Vivere has a quad turbocharged 8 liter W16 engine that produces 1,200 horse power. Its top speed is 254 mph. The police would literally have to bring out their helicopter to stop you. The first generation Veyron Mansory Vivere was a limited production car with only 270 made in 2005. Since then it has been upgraded and remodeled 3 times. Even though the Bugatti Chiron has a more powerful engine, a Mansory Vivere is more sought after by collectors. A special variant of the Veyron Mansory Vivere was produced and called the Veyron Linea Vivere. Bugatti only built two of them. The price for one these cars hasn’t not been listed yet.


Lykan Hypersport

$3.4 million

Lykan Hypersport.jpg

The Lykan Hypersport was the very first supercar to be produced in the Middle East. It was made by W Motors, which is an Arab-Lebanese hyper car company. Only 7 of these cars were made from 2013-2017 and the Dubai Police force was the first to order one. The Hypersport is powered by a 3.7 liter twin-turbocharged flat-six engine that produces 780 horse power to the rear tires. The car can 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. It comes in either a 6-speed sequential manual or a 7-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The Lykan Hypersport was the first car to have jewels embedded in the headlights. The customer had the option of getting 420 diamonds, rubies, sapphires or yellow diamonds, all 15 karats each. The seats are stitched with gold thread and the center console is a holographic display system. 


McLaren P1 LM

$3.6 million

photo credit: Top Speed

photo credit: Top Speed

The McLaren P1 LM is the modified street legal version of the track only McLaren P1 GTR. Only 6 were produced and only 5 were sold. They put a large rear spoiler on the P1 LM, switched the engine for the larger 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 986 horse power. They also made the body lighter by 132 pounds. So, if you truly want to buy a legitimate race car the P1 LM is for you. You would also be environmentally conscious since it’s a plug-in hybrid. 


Lamborghini Veneno

$4.5 million

Lamborghini Veneno.jpg

The Lamborghini Veneno is a limited production high performance sports car manufactured from 2013-2014. It was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lamborghini and is based on the Lamborghini Aventador. Its engine is a 6.5 liter V-12 that makes 740 horse power and goes 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds. It has a top speed of 221 mph. The design of the Veneno varies a bit from Lamborghini’s signature style, its design was inspired by LMP1 race cars. Only 5 of these super cars were made and only 3 were sold to customers. 

Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

$ 4.8 million

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The Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is a mid-engine sports car made by the Swedish auto company Koenigsegg Automotive AB. The CCXR is a variation of the Koenigsegg CCX, modified to be more environmentally friendly. The CCX is an abbreviation for competition coupe X. X meaning the Roman numeral 10, commemorating for the company’s 10th anniversary. The CCXR Trevita is another variation and one of the rarest cars in the world. They planned on making 3 but only 2 were ever made because of the complexity of their production. Their entire body is made out of Koenigsegg’s patented diamond weave carbon fiber. This way of producing carbon fiber takes a lot of time and incredible skill. The whole car is completely handmade. Trevita translates into “three whites” for the colors in the carbon fiber.


Maybach Exelero

$8 million

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The Maybach Exelero is the most expensive car in the world with a price tag of 8 million dollars. It’s the only one in the world and was made by the Italian auto company Stola, in collaboration with DaimlerChrysler who owns Maybach. The car was actually commissioned to be made by a tire company called Fulda to test their new Carat Exelero tires. They only had one request, that the car can go faster than 200 mph so they can really test their tire’s range. The Exelero was built on the platform of the Maybach 57 and the final design was by 4 students from the Transportation Design School of Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences. Its engine is a twin-turbo V12 that has 690 hp. Its top speed is 218 mph. In 2011, rap label magnate Birdman bought the car for for $8 million. It was featured in Jay-Z’s music video for his song “Lost One.” Now it belongs to a German private owner who’s identity remains a secret.