5 College Shows You Need To Watch

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5) The Young Ones

The Young Ones is a 1980’s British alternative comedy sitcom about four loser college students who share a disgusting dilapidated house. There’s the “cool guy”, the punk rocker, the pacifist hippie, and the anarchist political activist. The show uses a lot of violent slap stick humor, cutaways that have nothing to do with the plot, and frequent breaking of the “fourth wall”. There are also many musical guests that perform in the episodes like MotorHead and Madness. After it ended it’s two season run on the BBC, it was shown to an American audience on MTV in 1985. The Young Ones was one of the first programming on MTV that wasn’t music. Critics agree that it was a show that greatly influenced and defined the 1980’s generation’s humor. 

4) Greek

Greek is a comedy-drama television show that chronicles Greek life at the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University in Ohio. It follows the nerdy Rusty Cartwright going into his freshman year. He wants to rush because his older popular sister Casey Cartwright is in a sorority. This series revolves around many characters navigating their way through college, trying to find themselves and preparing for their futures. It’s a great show to watch with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The acting and characters in this show are really good. The drama and character arcs are also compelling. Greek is one of those guilty pleasure “soap opera” dramas you’ll definitely find yourself bingeing.

3) Undeclared

Undeclared is an 2001 American comedy series created by Judd Apatow, who directed 40 year old virgin and produced Pineapple Express, among many other hilarious films. The show chronicles a group of college freshmen’s lives in California. The cast includes Jay Baruchel (This is the End), Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy), Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation), Kevin Hart (Ride Along), Jason Segel (I love You, Man), and Seth Rogan (Pineapple Express), all early in their careers. Cameos in the show include Jenna Fischer (The Office), Ben Stiller (Tropic Thunder) and Will Farrell (Anchorman). It only ran for one season but has since gained a huge cult following and after you watch it you’ll know why. 

2)  Community

Community is a very popular sitcom that ran on NBC from 2009-2015 about a lawyer who is disbarred because he lied about having a degree from Columbia University. He decides to go back to school and enrolls in community college. There he starts a study group to get closer to a girl he likes. The show is mostly about the study group’s escapades and misadventures. Community has a great ensemble class which includes Chevy Chase, Joe McHale and Donald Glover (also known as Childish Gambino). It also gained a cult following when it was put into syndication and available on streaming platforms such as Netflix and Hulu. Created by Dan Harmon, who also created Rick and Morty, this show uses pop culture and film references. It also uses a lot of meta-humor.

1) Blue Mountain State 

Blue Mountain State is a comedy series that centers around a fictitious college football team “the mountain goats” at Blue Mountain Sate University. The show’s main characters are the underachieving backup quarterback and his wannabe loser roommate who is the team mascot. It aired on Spike in 2010 but gained a large cult following when it was available on Netflix. This show is hilarious, with crazy antics and offensive material, it’s perfect for watching with the boys. Girls will love this show too, the writing and plots of the episodes are top notch. 

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