Top 10 Drinking Games

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#10 - Caps

In an era where Beer Pong is king, Caps isn’t as well known as it should be. It’s a great drinking game with simple rules. All you need is two red solo cups and bottle caps (at least two but the more the better).  It can be played 1 v. 1 (preferred) or in teams of two. The teams sit in chairs at opposite ends of a table.

Place a cup of beer at each end of the table. The objective is to toss your cap into your opponent’s cup. Once a shot is made, the person sitting next to the cup has a chance to shoot a rebuttal shot. If he/she does not make it then the other player gets a point. If the cap bounces off the cup and a player catches it before it hits the ground, this enacts the “shotgun rule” where the person who caught it has an extra shot they can use anytime they want. The game is played to 7 but you have to win by at least 2 points.

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#9 - Skull and Dice

This is a very fast paced drinking game so it’s best to play with only beer because there’s lots of drinking involved. First, get a pair of dice and four or more of your favorite drinking buddies. It’s very simple, going clockwise everyone rolls a die (just one), then after each roll, a rule is enacted.

The rules are as follows: roll a 1 or a 6, take a sip. Roll a 2 or a 4, skip a turn. Roll a 3 and you have to take two sips then roll agin. If you roll three 3’s in a row then it’s a “skull” and you have to finish your beer. If you roll a 5 then you choose someone else to drink. Pointing is forbidden, if you do point then you have to “skull” (finish) your beer. If you roll the die off the table, “skull” your beer. It might sound like a lot of rules to remember but when you get the hang of it, it’s a drinking game you’ll play again and again.

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#8 - Cheers to the Governor

This is a great game for sitting around a campfire, or wherever you’re hanging out drinking with your friends. All you need is alcohol and creative thinking. The game starts with everyone going in a circle counting consecutively to 21. Once you hit 21, everyone raises their drink and toasts “cheers to the governor” (in your best British accent).  The person who said 21 gets to make up a new rule for next round of counting. An example can be “instead of saying 1 (while counting to 21), the person has to clap” and that rule is now enacted until the end of the game.

This game is cool because no two games will ever be the same. If someone messes up because they can’t remember the rule, the counting starts over and that person has to drink. Every time the circle gets to 21 the person it lands on makes up a new rule. It can get very challenging keeping track of all the rules. This game usually picks on a specific person who has a hard time focusing.  

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#7 - Flip Pong

Flip Pong is a hybrid game of two classics; Beer Pong and Flip Cup. You’ll need four people, a beer pong table, two ping pong balls and 12 cups and beer.  With two teams of two, teammates stand opposite from one another at each corner at the table. Each player has three cups of beer in front of them in a triangular formation. Both balls start on one side. One teammate shoots the ball, trying to make it into a their teammate’s cup on the other side of the table. If they miss their teammate retrieves the ball back to them (a lot of running). Players can retrieve their own ball too. Once a player makes a shot, their teammate must chug the beer the ball landed in, then flip the cup, getting it to land on it’s top (like in flip cup). The player who just chugged gets to shoot at their teammate's cups until he/she makes it. Then their teammate must chug and flip. Repeat until you and your teammate’s cups are all flipped. The first team done wins. You’d be surprised how many times it comes down to a race to flip the last cup. It’s a very exciting game. It’s also entertaining to watch if you just want to chill on the sidelines.

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#6 - Thumper

This game is a lot of fun because it’s high energy and usually gets everyone hyped.  First, everyone thinks of a hand gesture that will be their “sign” that will represent them during the game. It has to be something simple that can be done quickly. Like a wave, thumbs up, clap, etc. It’s fun to think of creative ones that are unique.

After everyone knows each other’s signs, everyone sits in a circle or at a table and starts drumming to the same beat. During the drumming the leader of the round yells “What’s the name of this game?” Everyone replies “Thumper!” then the leader says “and why do we play this game!?” responded with “To get f*** up!!”  Then the leader does their own sign followed by another player’s sign. That player then has to do their own sign followed by another player’s sign. The point of the game is to go as long as you can without messing up. If someone takes too long to respond or messes up a sign they have to take a drink. This is especially a great game for those who don’t like chugging beer.

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#5 - F**k the dealer

F**k the dealer is always a good time. All you need is a deck of cards and your favorite alcohol. Someone starts out being the dealer, then the person to the left of them guesses the value of the top card on the deck. If their first guess is wrong the dealer will tell them if the card is higher or lower than their original guess (dealer cannot lie!). If the second guess is wrong then that person has to drink the difference between the card’s value and their second guess. For example if the person guesses a 6 and the card is a 3, they must take 3 drinks (aces are low). If a person guesses the card right on their first guess then the dealer must take 4 drinks. If a person’s second guess is correct then the dealer must take 2 drinks. When the dealer beats three people in a row then the person to their left becomes the dealer and the whole thing starts over.

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#4 - Quarters

Quarters is a game your parents most likely played in college. All you need is 2 whiskey glasses and a few quarters. The objective of the game is simple, bounce the quarters off the table into the glass before the person to your right. After a player loses the player who got him/her out then spins a quarter on the table. The loser has to chug their beer until the spinner slaps the quarter down with their hand ending the spin (let spin as long as possible) and keep the coin covered. The loser then guesses if the quarter is heads or tails. If they guess right the regular game resumes. If they guess wrong then the quarter is spun again and they have to drink again (sometimes this can take awhile).

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#3 - Flip cup

Flip cup, or Flippy cup, or Tippy Cup is one of the best drinking games to play. It’s lively, competitive, fun, and it gets you drunk. It’s a team based game where the teams stand in front of each other on opposite sides of a table. The first team players on each side toast to each other to set the game off. They chug their beer and put the empty cup (right side up) on the edge of the table, then using two fingers they flip the bottom of the cup attempting to get the cup to land face down on it’s rim. Once the first player successfully lands their cup on it’s rim, the teammate next to them is allowed to begin their turn. The first team with all their cups flipped wins. You can also play “survivor mode” where after a team loses a round they must vote out a player from their team, but they still have to drink the same amount of cups. This is definitely the best “chugging” drinking game out there.

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#2 - King’s Cup

King’s Cup is a drinking game that will always be played in college until the end of time. It’s so widely known that it would behoove me to meet a person who hasn’t played it before. It’s the ultimate party drinking game to play when there’s a lot of people.

Basically, everyone sits in a large circle (or around a table) with a red solo cup in the middle. All around the cup is a full deck of playing cards (all faced down) formed in a circle. Going clockwise, each player picks up a card and flips it over for everyone to see. There is a different rule for each card. There are too many rules to name here but they are readily available online. For example, if a 2 of diamonds is pulled, the “2 is for you” rule is enacted. The person who pulled the 2 points at another player and says “You” making that person they pointed at drink. There are a wide variety of rules in this game ranging from simple drinking rules to allowing players to make whatever rules they want.

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#1 - Beer Pong

Of course Beer Pong would make the number 1 drinking game on our list. It’s played at every party and is a staple at every college. For some, it’s more than just a game, it’s a lifestyle. It’s our favorite drinking game because it’s just so f**king fun! If you need us to explain the rules then you should probably just leave this website.

*** disclaimer: please drink responsibly.