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In the Project Confidence Boot Camp you will receive exclusive videos every single week along with bonus tips and tricks on how to have the confidence of a Boss. You will be added to an exclusive web page where you can track your progress and chat with other people that have the same goal as you - to have the confidence of a BOSS! We have the mission to give you the confidence not only to talk to women, but to get that promotion, start that company, become risk savvy, and kick ass every single day of your life. It’s time to stop taking shit and letting others boss you around, learn to take charge with Project Confidence. We will guide you through your self-doubt, insecurities, and fear. From real life FBI tactics, body language analysis, mindset, and LIVE in-field pickup we will change the way you look at life. Not only will you be receiving this information weekly but you will also be challenged with real life exercises that WILL boost you to a new level of confidence every single week. Get started below!

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